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Monday, November 19, 2012

Mississippi Fred McDowell

Fred is one of my all-time favourite musicians and hopefully this post generates some more fans. No penny in my pocket ? No sex for many months ? No worries - as long as i have a beer and ten healthy fingers to play his music with my pride and joy i will be all smiles. Please check him out here.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Devided States Of America 2

The gigantic clash of interests has been decided and the Democrats prevailed.
Ok ..., alright ..., so be it. More news from across the big pond +++ Giants won the MLB title !!! +++ They could play in my backyard i wouldn't go / +++ Facebook shares down 50 % !!! +++ What can you expect from a load of drivel / +++ Hollywood releases new meaningless flick !!! +++ The red-carpet crazy society will go bananas - i don't give a whit / +++"Stand your ground "- law implemented !!! +++ Geez, i already came under fire without that law / +++ Hurricane "Sandy" hits East Coast !!! +++ Of course the stock exchange was up and running first /+++ People visiting the U.S. without a visa have to pay a 14 $ entrance fee !!! +++ You got to be kiddin' me.  I have been over there many times, know the country probably better than 90 % of the Americans also thanks to my trusty Ford, had great experiences and met  wonderful people, but my interest is that country is constantly fading. The USA perceive themselves as the last remaining superpower, but produce bad numbers in many areas. For example during the election campaigns according to some sources around 6 bn dollars were spent and 1 million TV-spots broadcasted - sheer insanity. I think a leading role from a nation that worships the almighty greenback and doesn't care very much about the natural environment is not desired. They should adopt a more modest attitude, but i am afraid modesty is not a American virtue.