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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Facebook And The Stasi

My activities on Facebook are very limited with only a sole friend. He now pointed out
to me how to figure out, who visited the own site. I checked it out right away and
typed in the name "Mohammed" as well as the Arabic sign for shariah. To my surprise
a whole bunch of profiles showed up, but it does not end there. Next i tried the name
"Kahane" and succeeded once again. Anetta Kahane of course is a former associate of
the defunct East-German secret service and was registered under the name IM Vic-
toria.With her wicked character she fit the bill for former German justice minister
Heiko Maas, who hired her for his combat against "hate speech" or more precisely 
against his battle against unwelcomed political incorrect free speech. So what brought
me the honour having her on my site ? The only explanation is, that i wrote a comm-
ent on the "Merkel Must Leave"- manifestation initiator´s page, what got me in the 
firing line as well as everybody else, who commented too - Stasi 2.0 snoopery right 
there, unbelievable ...

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Another False Flag Attack Tomorrow ?

Tomorrow is the 22 of March, a notorious date on which various times false flag have
happened in the past, the last time in London. These attacks could be linked to the
Skull & Bones secret society, who have chosen the 322 as their holy number for an un-
known reason, which tranlates to March, the 22. Their most important members in-
clude George W. Bush and John Kerry, psychopaths whose egos demand to show the
public in a subtle way, who pulls the strings in the background and the targeted clash
of civilisations between Christians and Muslims another possible motive, since usually
Muslims are held responsible for the alleged attacks.

It is interesting, that just yesterday a terror drill took place in the German city of
Frankfurt, so perhaps a false flag will be conducted there. If so, please do not jump
on the bandwagon right away and accuse Muslims. Most western attacks have little
to do with the Islam, but a lot with secret services. I have absolutely no points of con-
tact with Muslims, but avoiding any prejudgement against them is the imperative of
fairplay and the scrutiny of certain three letter organisations is more advised.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Food Banks in the FRiG

In a country not short with scandals, this one has to be considered the most appalling.
According to the webpage there are 1.5 million people in need in the allegedly
so rich country, who are dependant of the free food supply donated mostly by super-
markets, bakeries and various other sources. This food obviously is priced into the
groceries, which could be sold to the still well-funded shoppers, who in that way
support those in need and thus accept the states sole responsability to take care of
them and this is the actual scandal. The "state" could easily raise the social benefits
to avoid the derogatory scenes, since over time the money would flow back in his
satchel through taxes, but is just not doing it, so many folks have to stand in line to
receive their alms- it´s a shame.

And now matters got worth with the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants. They
receive all-inclusive benefits, though many send their money back home, thus harming
the local economy by withdrawing funds no longer usable by locals and at the same
time trying to get their food from food banks, where they compete with the poorest
Germans. Can you imagine the scenes, when a young muscular migrant wrestles away
the last wilted cauliflower from granny Lisbeth, who has to go home empty handed ?
Exactly these scenes are wanted by the government, who are at war against their own
people, no doubt about it. The boss from the food bank in the city of Essen now pulled
the brakes and does not allow more new migrants until further notice obviously
sending leftist do-gooders hyperventilating drooling something about racism, so the
decision made was lifted for the end of the month, wether giving in to the pressure or
not is not known.

And guess what, those, who are responsible for the desaster were just confirmed for 
four more years in office making this writer face palming on a further occasion.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

2018 Cheltenham Festival

Next Tuesdy starts the Cheltenham Festival with four days of mouth-watering jumps
racing. This time i keep thing simple with a treble containing super stars, who should
have no problems to win their races bar any accident. Their odds are accordingly low,
but there we go ...

Champion Hurdle            Buveur D´Air ***WON
Mares Hurdle                 Apple´s Jade *** 3rd
Ballymore Nov. Hurdle     Samcro ***WON                      @ odds around 4 ***LOST

For the Gold Cup i like the looks of the Nicky Henderson trained MIGHT BITE @ 4
*** 2nd

Ernst Köwing, The Honeyman †

Already on Feb. 24 the prominent blogger "Ernie" Köwing passed away under deroga-
tory circumstances in a prison. The Merkel-Regime showed no mercy and arrested him
even at his high age and degrading health condition only to silence him by applying the
 § 130 "hatespeech"-paragraph. With his intrepid style he encouraged many people to
start their own blogs and through them his spirit will live on in times getting darker,
when every voice is needed to stand up for the values "truth, honour, justice and cou-
rage ". To put it straight, in this country, the Federal Republik in Germany, free speech
is under heavy fire and needs to be defended.

Thursday, March 1, 2018