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Friday, March 16, 2018

Food Banks in the FRiG

In a country not short with scandals, this one has to be considered the most appalling.
According to the webpage there are 1.5 million people in need in the allegedly
so rich country, who are dependant of the free food supply donated mostly by super-
markets, bakeries and various other sources. This food obviously is priced into the
groceries, which could be sold to the still well-funded shoppers, who in that way
support those in need and thus accept the states sole responsability to take care of
them and this is the actual scandal. The "state" could easily raise the social benefits
to avoid the derogatory scenes, since over time the money would flow back in his
satchel through taxes, but is just not doing it, so many folks have to stand in line to
receive their alms- it´s a shame.

And now matters got worth with the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants. They
receive all-inclusive benefits, though many send their money back home, thus harming
the local economy by withdrawing funds no longer usable by locals and at the same
time trying to get their food from food banks, where they compete with the poorest
Germans. Can you imagine the scenes, when a young muscular migrant wrestles away
the last wilted cauliflower from granny Lisbeth, who has to go home empty handed ?
Exactly these scenes are wanted by the government, who are at war against their own
people, no doubt about it. The boss from the food bank in the city of Essen now pulled
the brakes and does not allow more new migrants until further notice obviously
sending leftist do-gooders hyperventilating drooling something about racism, so the
decision made was lifted for the end of the month, wether giving in to the pressure or
not is not known.

And guess what, those, who are responsible for the desaster were just confirmed for 
four more years in office making this writer face palming on a further occasion.

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