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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Facebook And The Stasi

My activities on Facebook are very limited with only a sole friend. He now pointed out
to me how to figure out, who visited the own site. I checked it out right away and
typed in the name "Mohammed" as well as the Arabic sign for shariah. To my surprise
a whole bunch of profiles showed up, but it does not end there. Next i tried the name
"Kahane" and succeeded once again. Anetta Kahane of course is a former associate of
the defunct East-German secret service and was registered under the name IM Vic-
toria.With her wicked character she fit the bill for former German justice minister
Heiko Maas, who hired her for his combat against "hate speech" or more precisely 
against his battle against unwelcomed political incorrect free speech. So what brought
me the honour having her on my site ? The only explanation is, that i wrote a comm-
ent on the "Merkel Must Leave"- manifestation initiator´s page, what got me in the 
firing line as well as everybody else, who commented too - Stasi 2.0 snoopery right 
there, unbelievable ...

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