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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Gibson Guitars In Trouble ?

In my times as a musician i owned three Gibson instruments. A semi-accustic
ES-335 built in 1963, which was a fabulous instrument, sound and feelwise way
superior to its equivalents nowadays. An Explorer, whose body was slightly
damaged and covered with a rather ugly varnish, therefore was a snip. And a RB-3
banjo which i bought in Clyde Franklin's Bluegrass Center in Asheville, NC and
which i carried across the nation as well as the mountains in Colorado, where
it encountered stark differences in temperatures causing the varnish to crack very
much to my dismay. This should not happen to a pricey instrument, though
otherwise i never heard of any quality issues.

What caused now the rumors lingering about the company ? Four reasons spring
to mind, which are ... guitar sales in general are down, compensate Gibson
ventured out to other business fields, they are rather clueless about and burnt
plenty of money, ... their instruments are too expensive and customers are not
willing to dish out big bucks for the name, while other brands offer similar quality
instruments for a lot less and finally their new designs are hands down horrible
not attracting anybody.

Whatever the reasons are, it would be somewhat upsetting, if this icon of US-
American instrument manufacturing would go out of business.

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