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Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Smartphone-Geek's Lifesaver

Smartphone-Geeks live dangerously, since many of them strut through the comm-
unity heads down staring with empty, autistic faces on the latest malarkey sent
on their smartphone and thus are endangered  getting run over by oncoming traffic.

Exactly that happened to a German teenager, but help is on the way in the form of
ground level traffic lights, which start to blink once a car or train approaches. Nifty
safety comes with a price tag, 10.000 .- Euros per crossing, though it's worth it.
I mean, who wants his shiny nice new car get damaged, because some careless
smartphone zombie rolls over the hood.

Frankly, i feel fortunate to belong to a older generation, where all these electronic
gadgets were a far cry away. I have absolutely no affinity to smartphones and do
not even possess a cellular.

Life is possible without those radiating and spying junk. Just try it ...

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Football Champions League

After having watched the quarterfinals i can't get away from ATLETICO MADRID, who eliminated Barca in fine style. Incredible tight unit with a strong defence and two formidable striker up front in Torres and Griezmann.

Of course Bayern Munich and Manchester City have classy individual players to see them through, though i feel they are not firing on all cylinders right now, while Real Madrid is too dependant on CR7. So with the odds                                                       available i have to side with the rojo-blancos.

                                            Atletico to lift the trophy @ 4.50***LOST

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Böhmermann - Affair

Another day, another scandal in the Federal Republic in Germany. This time a
talking head named Jan Böhmermann performed some sort of poem adressed
to Turkish Pres. Erdogan in public television, which caused some turmoil.

So i listened to that opus and must admit, it is such a load of disgusting and in-
sulting rubbish, not even Charlie Hebdo would publish it, but still funny enough
for some goofballs in the audience to have a good laugh ... oh dear, oh dear.
Erdogan is not someone, who takes things like that lightly and while i do not
have a single fiber of sympathy for that man, i applaud him for filing a law suit
against Böhmermann - after all somebody needs to teach Big Mouth manners.

Chancellora Merkel meanwhile manouvered herself in a difficult situation after
criticizing Böhmermann. For some,she is pussyfooting too much towards Er-
dogan, while if she would criticize Erdogan for being too whiny, she could
jeopardize their shady deals. So only pointing to the justice had been smarter,
though Merkel is not known for making smart moves and usually leaves that to
her countless advisors to figure out.

What really concerns me most, is the status of the German people. I cannot
imagine a Peruvian would say something like that on TV. When i would ask
a Vietnamese about his opinion of riding a sled naked or a Bhutanese about
his stance to the CSD-parade, how would they react ? Of course they had
no idea, what i am talking about and in their belief mentally sane people
would never do, what is quite normal in the completely gaga and oh so tolerant
Western community of values, where many folks back Böhmermann and defend
his nonsense as freedom of speech (or are we looking at a deliberate provo-
cation to propel the clash of civilizations ?).

To me Chancellora Merkel and Jan Böhmermann are the appropiate faces for
the demise of a degrading society facing genocide.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

9.4. Grand National Chase In Aintree

I reckon few things make someone prouder, than owning a horse, which has won this
race and nothing generates a bigger rush of adrenaline, than being a jockey sitting
on that horse crossing the finishing line first.

The question is, who that owner and jockey will be ?

Really tough to answer with forty contenders going to post in a more than ever com-
petitive field, though i suppose it will be Mr. Trevor Hemmings once again, who
Many Clouds is the defending champion and despite carrying topweight, he is only
on a five pound higher mark, than last year. Leighton Aspell does the steering again
and he knows very well, where to place his mount and keep him out of trouble.

Many Clouds to win @ 8

As an alternative with higher odds i like the chances of JUST A PAR (IRE) @ 41.

*** Both finnised unplaced