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Thursday, January 25, 2018

" Der Volkslehrer " ( The People´s Teacher )

At last a voice of common sense in the sea of madness called The Federal Republic in
Germany. Nicolai N. came to prominence by interrupting a minute of silence during
an event where folks including minister de Maiziere were commemorating migrants
having perished on their way up north, what indeed can be labeled as hypocracy at its
best. N. followed up with a number of videos, where he disclosed leftist idiotisms and
of course certain folks called him the usual names.

However N. is heart and soul for the cause and even puts his job on the line as a public
school teacher. Many Germans were yearning for someone like him and the number of
his subscibers rose quickly. He too likes to reminiscense about the old times  present-
ing aged books depicting the once magnificient  architecture inhabited by people not
completely dumbed down by the mainstream media and electronic gadgets. Dudes like
him or Sven Liebich among others provide a glimmer of hope that at some point this
countrygets back on track. The following examples are living proof, how necessary it
is ...

- Former foreign secretary Sigmar Gabriel called journalist Deniz Yuecel , who is curr-
  ently rotting in a Tuerkish prison " A German patriot ", although Yuecel repeatedly
  were boasting vicious rants towards Germany.

- Ever heard of breast memory ? Say what ? Thats right, that game was introduced by
  a channel for children name KIKA and leaves you speechless.

- A school in Berlin now wants to remove a lovely poem from Eugen Gromringer, be-
  cause some women might feel offended by it or to be more precise these combat
  lesbians you wouldn´t want to touch with a barge pole.

- The borders are still wide open and everyone mumbling the magic word " Asylum "
  gets straight access to the health- and welfare system even if he does consider harm-
  less German citizens as fair game, while those opposing it, immediately are called
  the N-name. Add the new ruling of the family reunification and it becomes clear the
  struggle for survival is on and as long the same politicians are in charge, those
  wearing uniforms don´t speak out against them and a large number of the public is
  still clueless about what´s going on, it will be an uphill battle.

Quote Nicolai N. " People, arise and get sound ". I have nothing to add except a couple
of video links. Great job Nico, thanks for your work and encouragement ...

Monday, January 22, 2018

A Quick Salute ...

... from Cusco. I hope you had a fabulous start into 2018 and things are
    going your way. Talk to you later...