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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Grand Coalition

Once again our fellow politicians from the CDU and SPD parties were busy with themselves for several weeks now, but eventually came to grips to form a coalition by sorting out disagreements and without a noteworthy opposition. The contract comprises 185 pages and this higly recommended video explains , what's it all about. The other video below has a speech by Edmund Stoiber ( CSU ) set to music, unfortunately without subtitles. And if you haven't cried "enough" yet here is a double featuring chancellora Angela Merkel. At least as laughing stock she is useful.

" Those, who were elected do not decide and those, who decide were not elected " - H. Seehofer (CSU) -

Thursday, November 21, 2013


Last week Germany played a friendly football match versus Italy and while the Italians were dressed as usual in blue, the Germans displayed the outfit pictured on the left instead of white shirts with black shorts. So while the Italians take some pride in tradition ( blue is the color of their former kingdom ) and call their team the " Squadra Azzurra " the German team rather looked like the "Squadra Spaghetti Pomodoro". My only explanation is, that the very affluent German Football Association ( DFB ) along with Adidas expect the simple minded, flag waving football fan to rush to the store and cough up a lot of money for it, hence for the DFB tradition means next to nothing, while commerce is the name of the game - as usual.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Punting For The Philippines

After having watched the aftermath of typhoon " Haiyan ", who struck the Philippine islands with enormous force i organised a fundraiser to collect a little bit of money. I have two bets for the weekend and should they be successful i will donate the profits entirely to an aid organisation and hope others with some change sitting in their Paypal account will chip in as well. 1.) TAP NIGHT to win the Paddy Power Gold Cup Chase on Saturday, Nov.16. Trained by Lucinda Russell and ridden by champ A. P. McCoy i expect a bold show in this wide open contest. Betfair offers odds @ 13 2.) World Cup Qualifier UKRAINE - FRANCE on Friday,Nov. 15. Both teams under immense pressure and will focus on defense, so i believe in a 0:0 correct halftime score @ 2.40 *** Tap Night ran okay, just wasn't good enough. However the second bet was successful and left me with a profit i will donate to an aid organisation.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The other day i went on my backporch with a beer and a smoke, when i saw it again: A criss-cross pattern of white stripes on a otherwise clear blue sky. In this sphere condenser trails caused by aircrafts usually disappear within a minute, but these trails stayed up there for a couple of hours, eventually fanned out and turned the sky milky, hence they were spraying again. I have sent e-mails to the environment protection organisation BUND and the Green Party and asked, whether they can shed some light on the issue. Only the BUND answered by writing, that they spoke with authorities and there isn't any evidence of chemtrails. Well , there are many videos proving otherwise and most stunning is perhaps this one. There were suspicious nozzles discovered on engines from no-frills airliner Ryanair, who flies for 15 quid from Dublin to Barcelona and one could think, that passenger transport is only a supplement and there main income stems from spraying chemicals as aluminiumoxide among others causing raging wildfires, morgellons and mental problems. Now i know people get older and kids are exposed to a multitude of stimulus satiations, though not too long the Alzheimer disease was hardly known and children were not spoonfed Ritalin to keep them quiet - those chemicals could provide an explanation. I signed up with a clean sky organisation and hope lots will follow.