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Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The other day i went on my backporch with a beer and a smoke, when i saw it again: A criss-cross pattern of white stripes on a otherwise clear blue sky. In this sphere condenser trails caused by aircrafts usually disappear within a minute, but these trails stayed up there for a couple of hours, eventually fanned out and turned the sky milky, hence they were spraying again. I have sent e-mails to the environment protection organisation BUND and the Green Party and asked, whether they can shed some light on the issue. Only the BUND answered by writing, that they spoke with authorities and there isn't any evidence of chemtrails. Well , there are many videos proving otherwise and most stunning is perhaps this one. There were suspicious nozzles discovered on engines from no-frills airliner Ryanair, who flies for 15 quid from Dublin to Barcelona and one could think, that passenger transport is only a supplement and there main income stems from spraying chemicals as aluminiumoxide among others causing raging wildfires, morgellons and mental problems. Now i know people get older and kids are exposed to a multitude of stimulus satiations, though not too long the Alzheimer disease was hardly known and children were not spoonfed Ritalin to keep them quiet - those chemicals could provide an explanation. I signed up with a clean sky organisation and hope lots will follow.

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