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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Life's Seductions And The Church

While many churchmen cannot leave their hands off children, this shepherd with the name Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst went on a spending spree by remodeling his residence in Limburg for 30 million Euros and flying first-class to India. When he lied about it his earthly boss was not amused and called him in to pull his ears and for telling him to leave Limburg, though i suppose he wasn'nt stripped off his monthly 8500 Euro salary. And here is, where it gets crazy : Because Napoleon Bonaparte evicted the Evangelic and Catholic churches from their properties 200 years ago Germany pays them 460 million Euros state subsidies every year until today for compensation. So not only the churches receive imposed taxes from their members, but a lot of money from people, who have nothing to do with religion ( like myself) or belong to a different Confessing as well - unbelievable ! The current status of Germany is as follows - Big corporations as Apple, Amazon or Starbucks make many millions of profits, but hardly pay any taxes / The church receives a big load of money for nothing / The upper class rakes in more and more wealth / A growing number of kids grow up in poverty and an increasing number of elderly people become shoplifters, because of insufficient pensions. Don't expect chancellora Merkel to do something about it.

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