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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Evo and the Bolivian way ...

Here is what happened in Bolivia in the year 2000 : The Bolivians solicited a credit from the International Money Foundation and received one under the prerequisite, that they would privatize their drinking water. U.S. construction giant Bechtel 's bid was accepted and they wasted no time to triplicate prices much to the disgust of the Bolivians, who forced Bechtel to pack up and leave after a fierce battle. Under Evo Morales the same fate overtook McDonalds and Coca Cola, when they received marching orders as well last December. This shows the Bolivians have cojones while we Europeans hand over our souls to big corporations, bankster and politicians, less trustworthy than sleazy used car dealers. In this context i want to mention, that here in Germany the CDU just obtained a big cheque from the automobile industry and  that meanwhile 1691 companies are exempted now from participating in the energy transformation, what means a steep rise for the electicity bill of us citizens - some are literally sitting in the dark already, because they cannot cope with it. If we want to know, what Europe is up to a view over the great pond could give some clues as they seem to be one step ahead. Many Americans are enslaved by banks due to huge debts acquired with low rate loans or by income taxes. In the U.S income taxes are against the constitution, but the government imposes them to get funds for feeding the " Creature from Jekyll Island ", how G. Edward Griffin aptly named the Federal Reserve Bank, with interest. These days the Americans once again reached the fiscal cliff, though by now the finance acrobats can still hold the whole thing together with their Monopoly money, however a hike of the interest rate with the shortage of liquidity could mean game over. There are many videos predicting an imminent collapse of the financial system perhaps accompanied with a monetary reform where the Dollar is replaced with the Amero. What fuels these fears are rumors, that the Department Of Homeland Security ordered 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition and that allegedly 15000 Russian troops were hired to restore order in case of riots. Whether all this is unjustified fearmongering or not is open for debate. What i know is, that it has nothing to do with common sense.

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