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Sunday, March 29, 2020


My loved one used to coach and breed fighting cocks and now she invited me
to visit her former mentor, the Peruvian cockfight legend "Tio" Juan Medrano.
While cockfighting is certainly controversial, it cannot be denied, that these
cocks (gallos finos in spanish) are impressive and beautiful animals for whom
surrendering is no option.

On the picture above i hold "Miguel", who is Tio's multiple champ. I was just
happy i do not have any resemblance with  a fighting cock, otherwise that
chap would make mincemeat out of me in no time.


Recently someone opened my video on the upper right hand side and much to
my surprise it had only 415 clicks. I watched that video the last time a couple of
years ago and back then it had more than 3500 clicks.. Now these videos have
mostly to do with self-expression and are not of such a great importance, though
i find it remarkable, that it seems YouTube even manipulates videos with rather
meager click numbers. Perhaps because of the link to this blog, who is critical
about a certain tribe ? The jury is out ...

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

COVID 19 - The World Is A Village

A village controlled by a bunch of psychopaths via their puppets in politics and
mainstream media. The Corona virus once again demonstrates how easily the
sheeple can be steered as long they are held in fear. What we know about him is
that he was developed in a Chinese lab* and sent to a worldwide journey from
there in a jiffy. ( In this video Dr. Lanka says viruses are a scam, ergo nothing but
fear mongering as are nuclear weapons and a money spinner for Big Pharma ).

When the name Bill Gates is involved you know right away, something is fishy
here. Gates is an eugenicist with the opinion a world population of around 500
million people is enough, so was that virus, if existent, developed to decimate
the world's population ? What i know about the virus is, that we are dealing with
a rather mild version of the influenza virus, who kills many thousand people a
year, what is hardly bothering anyone. Furthermore it is interesting, that prior to
that outbreak a pandemic simulation was conducted by the Gates Foundation
and the Johns Hopkins University. Read more about it here. Also Rockefellers
World Health Organisation cannot be trusted after her role in the Ebola scam
in that context.

So when the COVID 19 does not have the killing power of let's say smallpox
( in fact DMSO or hydrogene peroxid should easily take care of him ), what is
going on here ? The jury is out, whether he serves as a distraction from some-
thing bigger, they want to take away personal liberties, inflict mandatory vac-
cinations, he serves as a scapegoat for a crashed economy, to provide a reason
to strip away our cash or another sinnister reason.

Peru is a good example for the ongoing madness. I experienced first hand of
severe problems with dengue fever, though people keep traveling in areas
infested with that potentially deadly disease. In the highlands cohorts of kids
are dying especially in the cold season through pneunomia. The government
sends a load of blankets and that's about it. However when in Lima someone
is diagnosed with the Corona-Virus after some most unreliable test, folks go
bonkers by shutting down the international airport and also commit fist fights
over toilet paper.

We have no other choice, than sitting out the whole lunacy and wait until ra -
tional behaviour kicks in again.

*Kai Orak suggests he was planted near a Chinese lab, thus being a false flag

Gerhard Wisnewski, as usual highly recommended

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Cheltenham 2020 Festival Bets

Readers of this blog know already, how much this 4-day event starting next
Tuesday gets my juices flowing. Meanwhile i did my homework, scanned all
racecards and listened to trainers and came up with the following rota of bets
starting with a short priced double, although the festival is notorious for short
priced favs getting overturned. I still want to mention, that some trainers do
not know in which race to place some their runners yet, depending on weather
conditions or otherwise,though the following runners are pretty much confirmed.

Double @ 3.5

TIGER ROLL (Cross Country Chase) & BENIS DES DIEUX (Mares Hurdle)

NOTEBOOK to win the Arkle @ 3.75

SOLO (foto)   to win the Triumph Hurdle @ 3.75

Yankee with higher priced Gordon Elliott runners ...

GALVIN ( NTC Handicap), COLUMN OF FIRE (Martin Pipe)

*** Nothing went my way

Sunday, March 1, 2020

The Joy Of A Simple Life ...

I was recently residing in the Peruvian jungle town of Puerto Maldonado and
living with the right partner amidst rather simple and most basic circumstances.
And i must say i loved it and wouldn´t wanted to swap it for a slick hotel room.
Sometimes the rain hammers on the sheet metal roof, sometimes the sun heats
the roof up turning the room underneath in an oven. Nonetheless this sort of
accomodation is a nice reminder about the bare necessities with a couple of
added amenities.

When i first came to Maldonado in the nineties, the town was usually reached
by air. Nearby the airport was a tent put up where folks without a yellow fever
shot had to get one. Also anti-malaria drugs should have been taken in advance.
Meanwhile it seems, no one speaks about these diseases any longer since they
were replaced through dengue fever. While nobody cares about the Corona virus
the dengue virus is rampant in that particular area with plenty of victims hospital-
ized or even succumbed. During my time there large parts of the town were
sprayed with chemicals trying to kill the responsible mosquitos giving me a first
hand experience, what it is like to live in an region plagued with a potentially
deadly disease without panicking.