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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Cigar Box Guitar

Thought i pick a little bit on my newly acquired cbg and make it public without advanced editing.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


<<>>SCHUNGITE WATER I have put 200 gramms of Schungite stones in a decanter. Afterwards i pour tap water, which i ran through an BWT water filter into the decanter and let it sit overnight. Next day then i have delicious energized water to drink. I also want to mention the Schungite pyramid, which i have placed on a Cohiba cigar box. For two years the box had an orange like tone, but with the pyramid on top the colour turned brown within two months - uncanny. <<>> MORINGA OLEIFERA or " The Wonder Tree ". A cup of Moringa tea made with leafs belongs also to my daily diet. Contains loads of minerals and vitamins. Powdered Moringa seeds have the stunning capability to turn dirty water into clear drinking water within minutes.<<>> CHLORELLA ALGAE The algae has the ability to flush aluminum, mercury and other harmful metals out of the system. Aluminum is nasty stuff able to enter the brain through the blood- brain barrier, where it can cause severe damage as Alzheimer disease. I don't want to be perceived as a health nut, however i feel the need to do something protecting me from external health hazards. Aluminium for instance can be found everywhere now as sprayed in the air, in vaccines or deodorants. The way i see it, big food corporations, the gene plumbers from Monsanto and the pharma corporations working hand in hand as they are controlled by the same group of people. The first two make shure only garbage lands on our plate ( especially the junk food geared to those, who live on welfare checks thus reducing their live span ) and then the pharmacists provide the colorful pills to cure diseases caused by malnutrition. The above mentioned supplements are not that expensive and it is money well spent.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Antifa - The Gov's Raiding Party

From time to time groups with blokes dressed in black show up causing havoc. These lefties call themselves " Antifa", which is an abbreviation for Anti-fascists proclaiming to be advocates for the underdogs, so when for instance the police checks papers on someone looking like an fugitive sure enough they arrive at the scene minutes later starting a scuffle calling everybody, who disagrees with them names, mostly the one starting with the "n". Now since nothing in FRiGermany is impossible these groups are partly sponsored by the family ministry thanks to Manuela Schwesig (SPD). This means attacks on AfD members before elections or the PEGIDA movement are state organized and paid for, 10 Euros per hour will do. Former AfD boss Bernd Lucke turned out to be a complete flopper, changing his positions overnight - perhaps he had black hoodies at his threshold threatening him. His successor is Frauke Petry and she is tough as nails and in my opinion will not give in a single inch, despite a recent assault on her company. The message is clear :  Those , who do not follow plans laid out by the power elite and Coudenhove-Kalergi, but represent the interests of the German population become sabotaged. Step by step this plans are executed with politicians , journalists and these Antifa smugs all willing helpers. Germany ships huge amounts of arms to the Middle East adding to the US-American terror and thus producing large streams of fugitives and then Chancellora Merkel proclaims " The Islam belongs to Germany". The German navy even arranged quasi a shuttle service for transporting fugitives over the Mediterranien Sea, but here is , where is gets crazy. An NGO introduced on this webpage makes promotion for becoming an escape agent. Behind the NGO stands the Ayn Rand Institute founded by zionist Ayn Rand. So at first USrael destabilizes the whole region with their terror service provider IS and then they drain the population from neighboring enemy states by hired escape agents hauling them to Europe, where they stir chaos, brilliant ! My hometown Hamburg has now around ninety fugitive camps spread across the city. The fugitives i saw were calm and well behaved, but knowing they are part of a vicious plan leaves an uneasy feeling. The jury is out, how all this will end, but for whites in Europe the future looks indeed dim ( no pun intended ) . The new jersey from the German football team is an indicator, where we are heading to. While players from other nations wear their shirt with pride, on this utmost ugly shirt nothing reminds the players of their origin and it even ridicules them. What the hell are they thinking ?

Thursday, August 6, 2015

In Memory of Joe Carr June 22, 1951 - December 14, 2014

The other day i wondered , how Joe is doing, whom i met in the nineties at the Bluegrass Camp in Levelland, Texas, which he organized along with banjo wizard Alan Munde and which i visited many times subsequently. Besides being a great musician, teacher and author it was his great personality, that made me coming back to the tiny West-Texan town over and over again. However when i checked with Wikipedia about his whereabouts, i learned that he already passed away last year. For me this were really sad news and i feel awful sorry for his wife and daughter as well as the legions of friends and fans he has especially in Texas. Listen to Joe and Alan in this video.