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Thursday, August 20, 2015


<<>>SCHUNGITE WATER I have put 200 gramms of Schungite stones in a decanter. Afterwards i pour tap water, which i ran through an BWT water filter into the decanter and let it sit overnight. Next day then i have delicious energized water to drink. I also want to mention the Schungite pyramid, which i have placed on a Cohiba cigar box. For two years the box had an orange like tone, but with the pyramid on top the colour turned brown within two months - uncanny. <<>> MORINGA OLEIFERA or " The Wonder Tree ". A cup of Moringa tea made with leafs belongs also to my daily diet. Contains loads of minerals and vitamins. Powdered Moringa seeds have the stunning capability to turn dirty water into clear drinking water within minutes.<<>> CHLORELLA ALGAE The algae has the ability to flush aluminum, mercury and other harmful metals out of the system. Aluminum is nasty stuff able to enter the brain through the blood- brain barrier, where it can cause severe damage as Alzheimer disease. I don't want to be perceived as a health nut, however i feel the need to do something protecting me from external health hazards. Aluminium for instance can be found everywhere now as sprayed in the air, in vaccines or deodorants. The way i see it, big food corporations, the gene plumbers from Monsanto and the pharma corporations working hand in hand as they are controlled by the same group of people. The first two make shure only garbage lands on our plate ( especially the junk food geared to those, who live on welfare checks thus reducing their live span ) and then the pharmacists provide the colorful pills to cure diseases caused by malnutrition. The above mentioned supplements are not that expensive and it is money well spent.

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