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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Ominous Red MAGA Cap

In the USA it needs little getting our leftist "friends" ballistic nowadays. Only wear that
base cap reading "Make America Great Again" and the heat is on. The latest example
happened recently  in Washington at the Lincoln Memorial, where a group of school
boys gathered together wearing that cap. A Native American then approached them
and started to bang a drum right into one´s face. The teenager stood his ground doing
nothing except smiling at him and exactly that smirk made him a target for lefties
interpreting that smile as arrogance from a white supremacist not showing respect for
an elderly Native American and literally verbally wanted to stone him, a sixteen year
old school boy,who seemed to be well educated and knows right from wrong -amazing.
So that this little incident provoked a nationwide fury shows, what a powder keg the
country meanwhile is.

POTUS Trump could put the whole Deep State behind bars, stop child trafficking and
the influx from illegals, stop the Federal Reserve Bank from enslaving the people and
provide good economic numbers to no avail. He is an old white man and has the "toxic"
masculinity about him, which is inexcusable to many from the left political spectrum,
who are fighting teeth and nails trying to get rid and replace him with a female nut -
case as for example Alexandria Ocasio Cortez,the drag queen and "Girl from the Bronx"
not being from the Bronx. She has not the required age yet to run for president, but
hey,they faked already Obamas birth certificate.AOC looks to me the perfect schooled
media creature, who only is able  to express memorized statements and folds imme-
diately after a simple counter question, though appeals to the leftist crowd, perhaps
perceiving her as the new hope for the Democratic party.

I think an illuminati once remarked "When the people want a new idol, we provide it
to them " and there she is out of the blue. Who knows, maybe she becomes president
some day and what we here until now from her will waste no time to turn the country
into a socialist dystopia, penniless and thus not able to conduct any wars overseas
any longer and forced to withdraw troops from all parts of the world with a civil war
another option. Outside of the USA hardly anybody is interested in an great and im-
perial America, so while i under reserve support Trumps politics in some ways, i
wouldn´t mind a wrecked USA too much under leftist leadership.

A hissy fit caused by the MAGA cap

An interesting video by John Mark

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