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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Outlook For 2019

Recently a member from the conservative AfD-Party went into a cinema in the
German city of Dresden, when he was spotted by folks from the other end of the
political spectrum, who immediately demanded from the manager to boot him
out, what happened right away. This is an rather harmless example in times,
when people lose their jobs, couples split up and friendships become terminated
over a difference of political opinions. I guess the puppet masters, who already
introduced communism, feminism or punk music, will be delighted over the divi-
sion within the society with their ultimate goal to destroy her, getting closer.

"Fake" was a muched used word in 2018 and unfortunately deservedly so. Now
at least the mainstream media received a major blow, when the frequently re-
warded editor C. Relotius of the former news magazine SPIEGEL was identified
as a major fraudster, who wrote made up stories thus reducing the credibility of the
mainstream media any further. Then many times i saw women, i thought are really
nice looker only to find out later on, they were transgendered from male to female,
a process certainly often conducted against their own will at a very early even
embrionic stage - very disturbing since it seems that is pretty much the only way
to make it to the top or limelight.

However fakester of the year imho is this bloke, actornaut Alexander Gerst and his
ramshackle wannabe space mobile ISS. He wants to make us believe he uses a sextant
to navigate through the broad expanse of the universe - oh dear, oh dear ...

In an ideal world live only well educated people, who are critically and smart enough
not to follow and believe the media malarkey and things would change for the better
in a jiffy. Sadly that cannot be expected, so who is there with the ability to make
ammendments ? Many might disagree, but i only can see POTUS Donald Trump. I
already voiced my sympathy for him in the social media only to be called "Right Wing
Extremist" or "White Trash" and other names not bothering me. People need to make
up their minds, do they want the NWO with world communism and total control or
sovereign states and relative freedom with cultural diversity ? I promote the latter and
there Trump must be perceived as the beacon of hope to spit in the globalists soup. It
certainly takes some balls going to combat against the FED, pedophile rings and the
Deep State. Wether all this is just theatre remains to be seen, though perhaps the
sealed indictments are already a work in progress with certain peeps not having
twittered for a while, perhaps being en route to Gitmo.

So readers, i suggest we do not delve any deeper in the conquer & divide game and
focus our anger towards the synthesis according to Hegel and more peaceful times
will be ahead of us with common sennse prevailing instead of left vs. right argy-bargy.
Personally i am doing just fine with plenty of travelling ahead.

Thanks a lot for tuning in and a prosperous year 2019.

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