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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Them Against Us

In this video (1:00) EU-Comissioner Julian King talks about an action plan to fight
Islamist terrorism. Now those, who are not completely dumbed down by the main-
stream media know, that these alleged terrorist incidents in Berlin, Nice or Brussels
have written "hoax" all over the shop. When the EU now wants to place military
and more road blocks in the streets, we know where the wind blows from. These
measures have nothing to do with the protection of civilians, but to create a climate
of fear on their way to a Orwellian surveillance state. The message is "Your are not
happy with the interaction between politicians and the fat cats and oppose their
deeds in general ? Fine, but don't even think about a rebellion." So when politicians
announce plans to hire more policemen they do it for their own safeguard and not
giving a bloody whit of people having to deal with violent migrants for instance.

From that point of view, the occurences surrounding the G-20 summit were an real
eye opener about the role the police plays in our society. Being aware of that it is all
too obvious, that the recent event in Munich ( where else you might ask ) was noth-
ing but Kabuki theater with a knife wielding bloke moving around with a bicycle in
the starring role and 500 policemen conducting a drill. This video contains various
freemasonic symbolism pictured after six seconds, can you spot them ?

Thursday, October 19, 2017

California Wildfire - Directed Energy Weapons ?

Usually California wildfires don't receive much attention over here since they occur
on a regular base. Folks build their mansions , a bunch of 2x4's and boards nailed
together not able to withstand strong winds not to mention fire, deeper in the woods
and occasionally some of them become victims of flames, which are a part of the

These time though things look different. I have watched pictures stemming from a
residential district of Santa Rosa and they seem to be unreal. While all the houses
were burnt down to the ground not leaving a coal like framework, the streets and
many trees were left unscathed despite the tremendous heat, which in some cases
even melted wheel rims !

Witnesses reported having seen blue rays prior to the fire, while others raised the
suspicion, that the whole area could be micowaved, what in both cases leads to
Directed Energy Weapons. Now we know some supremacists have no problems
to spray their fellow human beings with chemicals as if they were pesky insects.
Chemicals, which accumulate in plants thus intensifying wildfires are one thing ,
but burning down houses on purpose are a completely another dimension , yet not
unthinkable. Americans should forget about Putin or Kim Jong Un, their real
enemies are much closer.

Here is an interesting YT channel

or watch here

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Weekend Sports

The flat racing season slowly comes to the end with the Cesarewitch Handicap the
last highlight. I had a winner last weekend at the Irish equivalent with juicy odds
and try the same here, not an easy task with 34 runners going to post next Saturday.
For todays breeding standards the distance of 2 m and 2 furlongs is a marathon and
many contenders will cry enough before soon.  Not so WHO DARES WINS (IRE)
a stayer tough as teak and trained by Alan King with this race in mind. Currently he
can be backed @ odds of 12.***UP

Here is a football treble with three games, which have passed the filters of my system
for the Both To Score market ...

England El 1                    Peterborough - Gillingham
Belgium A1                      Charleroi - Eupen
Sweden ASV                     Ostersunds - Örebro    @ 5 ***LOST

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Integration - Asking For Too Much ?

Should i once emigrate to another country i would try  to assimilate there in a best
possible way with locals to become a fully accepted member in their society. Albeit
my country of choice wouldn't be a Muslim one, since their cultural and religious
habbits form a gap too wide to bridge for my liking. Now with all the migrants re-
located to the FRiG i wonder, how they feel about the complete change of scenery.
Here people expect them to integrate, but what does it mean ?

Do we assume they participate at downton gay and lesbian street parades or the drin-
king spree just happening in Munich. The West in general follows a oh so tolerant
left/green agenda, where anything goes and nothing seems to be sacred any longer as
the wedlock for instance. I guess Muslims notice, that whites wearing neck ties abuse
them for their false flag attacks as happened in Berlin last year. Still frequently poli-
ticians speak about that incident, what went wrong with the alleged culprit, when i
only needed a couple of minutes of web research to figure out it was nothing, but
sloppily executed political staging. And what baffles me most is, that they all play
along from politicians over the justice to the mainstream media, a disgusting quagmire
of lies and deception.

Furthermore the West likes to bring the much praised democracy to other nations.
Here we recently had Federal Elections, which in my opinion were a massive fraud.
That the candidates on offer were mostly useless shmucks is one thing, but to mani-
pulate the outcome in plain sight is another matter. I wrote about it in my previous
post and here is a further example.The right party AfD stood for a long time at 13.0 %,
when they eventually dropped to 12.6 %. In this world ruled by psychopathic number
buffs this could signify 1+2=3x6=666, the number of the beast !

Emigrants,who arrive here are first and foremost glad to get peace and accomodation
though i believe once they got a glance behind the scenes many of them will be rather
disillusioned in what a whacky and dishonest society they have landed and even those
with the best intentions will say "Thanks, but no ...thanks" and try to return to their
home country,should it be pacified yet again. Too much affluence is not doing any
good to the people and virtues like "truth, justice, courage and honour" need urgently
to be restored. However immigrants migrating are not part of the plan conspired by
the globalists, who would rather see a clash of cultures ...