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Thursday, October 19, 2017

California Wildfire - Directed Energy Weapons ?

Usually California wildfires don't receive much attention over here since they occur
on a regular base. Folks build their mansions , a bunch of 2x4's and boards nailed
together not able to withstand strong winds not to mention fire, deeper in the woods
and occasionally some of them become victims of flames, which are a part of the

These time though things look different. I have watched pictures stemming from a
residential district of Santa Rosa and they seem to be unreal. While all the houses
were burnt down to the ground not leaving a coal like framework, the streets and
many trees were left unscathed despite the tremendous heat, which in some cases
even melted wheel rims !

Witnesses reported having seen blue rays prior to the fire, while others raised the
suspicion, that the whole area could be micowaved, what in both cases leads to
Directed Energy Weapons. Now we know some supremacists have no problems
to spray their fellow human beings with chemicals as if they were pesky insects.
Chemicals, which accumulate in plants thus intensifying wildfires are one thing ,
but burning down houses on purpose are a completely another dimension , yet not
unthinkable. Americans should forget about Putin or Kim Jong Un, their real
enemies are much closer.

Here is an interesting YT channel

or watch here

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