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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Riddle Angela Merkel

Taken from Ki11erbee-Blog
After heavy losses following the elections in Bavaria and Hessia  for her party
CDU/CSU Merkel stepped down as chairwoman though remains chancellor until
further notice and can be considered a lame duck now.

The official narrative is, that Merkel is of Polish-Jewish ancestry with the  name
Aniela Kazmierczak, however rumors are lingering, she is the daughter of Helmut
Kohl, the former German chancellor whose real name was Hennoch Kohn - i think
the image above enforces the second opinion. Merkel as well as Kohl have the
habbit to shove the lower jaw sometimes forward while speaking, which is rather
unique. Even Marianne Birthler, who looks like Merkel's twin is supposed to be
Kohl's daughter.

Also Merkel sports her trademark hash over the button. We are told, she does it, be-
cause she does not know what to do with her hands. Utter nonsense, she displays a
membership to the freemasons with the hash being a circle and angle measure over
the all seeing eye. This means she is Luciferian, under the spell of Satan and certainly
has the character premises to stone-cold execute an agenda as the current one we
undergo here in Europe. Sometimes she gives the impression as she is lost, drooling
around and looks like she rather would do some gardening on her home soil, though
this can be the aftermath of MK-Ultra treatment and we shouldn't be fooled and
underestimate her determination.

Some might argue, that the major free masonry lodges are all male and do not accept
females. That argument is nullified through transvestigations of Merkel suggesting she
was born a male and is a transgender person. I find these allegation very credible and
it is not a great surprise since in German politics there are more male-to-females than
in womens tennis knowing, that the so called elite has a knack for this human typus.

I am convinced Merkel did not have to bend a finger to come to power or had to rid
any opponent since all was arranged for her. Though now it seems her masters who
protected her have lowered their thumbs downwards feeling she is of no more use.

All of the above stems from my personal conclusions and can mostly not be proven. It
is possible it contains plenty of footle, but remember TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN
FICTION. I wish she once will write her biography on the frontporch on her ranch in
Paraguay to shed some light on what her life was all about.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Democracy ? Thanks, But No, Thanks Continued

I am currently reading a book dealing with the lottery mafia here in Germany.
It is mostly tedious stuff depicting how politicians from across the board are
enriching themselves or trading posts. Germany does not have a holding com-
pany, but every federal  state has its own lottery corporation, so there are
ample opportunities.

This is just another example, why mostly crooks enter politics and those, who
make it to the upper ranks are frequently enough transgender persons preferred
by the so called elite or are susceptible to blackmail. Just imagine, how many
people are involved in the Breitscheid-Platz hoax or the NSU scandal. Nothing
bonds more together, than a commonly committed crime or involvement in a
plot like the one mentioned above.

I categorically stay away from elections, not even willing to vote tactically to
harm the former peoples parties as the CDU. There are now elections in Hessia
this weekend, when CDU leader Volker Bouffier wants to retain his job. I don't
want to insinuate something here, though had i kids i wouldn't let them close to
him. The Greens will have enormous gains, as will have the right wingers and
so we possibly will see the continuation of  a CDU/Greens coalition.

Everyone , who votes for a major party pleads " Yes please, bring on the NWO
ridding me and my kin."

So to me it is mandatory to abolish all parties and strenghten municipalities with
more power and rights, thus making them more autark. Every community has
respected non partisan members with righteous achieved professional success.
Once they have taken over as local leaders the lunacy caused by inept politicians
will eventually come to an end.

" To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"

                                                                                         - Voltaire -

Friday, October 19, 2018

Democracy ? Thanks, But No, Thanks ...

Every indian tribe selects the most capable and wisest as their  leaders to deter-
mine, what is in the best interest of all, while in western style democracies things
look different. Here a dumbed down electorate elects politicians, who made it
up through the ranks after fulfilling certain requirements ...

- They belong to a specific bloodline as for instance Barry Soetoro aka Barack O.

- They are of Jewish decent as was chancellor Hennoch Kohn aka Helmut Kohl

- They received the accolade of the Bilderberger Group.

  One prime example here is Olaf Scholz (SPD), who as the mayor of Hamburg
  excelled last year during the G-20 summit in his combat against his own people.
  As a reward he then was promoted to become the minister of finance in the
  German government. There he wants to introduce a EU-wide unemployment
  insurance and it is quite obvious, who will have to pay the bill at the end. Also
  i can easily imagine, that when there are enough criminal migrants in the country,
  he will declare there is no more money left, thus giving the starting signal for a
  civil war.

- They doggishly follow the political correct agenda.

  Here Katharina Schulze of the Green Party springs to mind. It is impossible list-
  ening to her for two minutes without getting a headache, though perhaps she
  joins the new government in Bavaria. Geo-engineering through HAARP, chem-
  trails, CO² swindle ? Not her cup of tea, she is all about the NWO.

You see, none of that circle has the slightest interest to serve the people,but rather
the upper 1 %. Here in the Federal Republik in Germany we have the special
situation, that this country is not a state, so when former "state" secretary  Siegmar
Gabriel once remarked analogous, Angela Merkel is not a chancellor, but rather a
manager of a Non Government Organisation - he is absolutely right, politicians not
always lie. That means, even when right wing party leader Jörg Meuthen (AfD)
comes to power he is bound by instructions and simply cannot stop the influx of
migrants, when his masters from overseas don't agree.

What is a democracy worth in this country ? Absolutely nothing ...

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Donald Trump vs The Unhinged Left

POTUS Donald Trump handed the Democrats another blow, when his nominated
candidate as the Supreme Court judge, Brett Kavanaugh, received enough senate
votes to occupy that position. I wrote earlier, the leftists nowadays don't stand for
a balance between labour and capital, but rather are henchmen for the globalists
and perceive themselves as justice warriors. So it didn't come as a surprise, when
they presented a completely out-of-sorts woman named Blasey Ford, i certainly
wouldn't share an elevator with her, to thwart Trumps nominee. She accused Kava-
naugh of sexual misconduct on a party some thirtysix years ago, where as a fifteen
year old teenager she had perhaps the intention to play a game of Scrabble, when
to her surprise the older boys begun to drink beer and showed some interest in her.

Well,no witnesses nor evidence, so the vicious attempt to annihilate the life and
reputation of a white heterosexual man, the leftists preferred target (justified on
other occasions though), failed miserably. I find it amazing, the Dems cry "foul"
here when at the same time support a pure evil woman with Hillary Clinton.
Her path is plastered with dead bodies and scandals, talk about double morale

Clinton's involvement in Libya / ... the Ukraine / ... in Syria

Also I find it interesting, that females supporting Trump are good looking, respec-
table and articulate, while leftists women are frequently only able to yell, feminists
and lesbians, whose hatred is chiseled in their faces. Certainly no male however
in need wants to touch one of them with a barge pole, thus playing in the cards of
the "elites" trying to execute a genocide on white folks.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Cuba Revisited ... Castro And Guevara Debunked

Cuba remains an island of stark contrasts. You walk down the street slaloming
around rubble and garbage when all of a sudden a stylishly dressed black belle
celebrating the elegant strut comes along or how about a '58 Chevy Bel Air
from times when carmakers had still a sense for beauty. But there is more to re-
port, much more ...

I received the required tourist card from - fast and reliable service.
On my previous trips i used to stay in the Lido hotel, though meanwhile tripled
prices and i looked elsewhere. At Airbnb i found the Casa Botello from Rafael
and Mary and thoroughly enjoyed my stay there.

Tobacco grows in large amounts on fields and that's why i am flubbergusted when
seeing the prices asked for cigars knowing only certain leafs can be used and
vast expertise is required to roll one, especially the king of cigars - the Cohiba
Behike sold for around fifty Euros in Germany. However my favourite brands are
the Selectos and the Guantanamera, both machine rolled and on the inexpensive
side. Me the savvy business man brought many of them home trying to sell them
at Ebay. My offer was immediately deleted for political reasons and now i have
cigars to smoke for years to come.

In restaurants the bill frequently is a surprise package. Did they put beers on the
tab i never drank or an exorbitant service charge ? More than once i left the joint
swearing and coursing. A great exception is the paladar Torreson at the Malecon
24 where great food is cooked by elderly people, which can be enjoyed with a
terrific view over the bay.

Once i was picking away on my can at the malecon, when some dude approached
me and we had a nice little chat when out of the blue two very young police men
showed up and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck. The following argument last-
ed for around 20 minutes and was eventually settled by two packs of cigarettes. If
you want Mr. Nobody act like an axxhole, just put him in a police uniform giving
him the licence to harrass people. The police presence in Havana is enormous and
i asked me why. I never felt unsafe even when walking through the grimiest dark
districts, so it can't have anything to do with the protection of tourists.

On 9/11 i was sitting in an restaurant, when the news started in the television. First
i noticed the ball shaped earth in the graphic. Now plenty of times i observed ships
leaving Havana from the nearby harbour and it took a long,long time until they
eventually disappeared at the horizon . So please fool somebody else with the ball
shaped planet when the earth is flat. Next a very serious looking presenter read the
usual guff about the twin tower attacks not trying a bit to ridicule the official version.
Then it occured to me, Cuba is a mere player in this world theater having the role as
the antithesist. Even the barcode on their products contains a six left, right and center.

So next i reconsidered the role of Fidel Castro. The official story in a nutshell goes,
that in 1955 he and a band of rebels attacked the Moncada baracks to get ahold on
arms, was captured and sentenced to fifteen years in prison, released after not even
two. Exiled to Mexico and returned with Guevara and others on the Granma and
escaped to the Sierra Maestra. From there they marched towards Havana seizing
arms in Santa Clara and eventually grabbed power after the Batista regime offered
next to none resistance. Hmmm ...

Already earlier i watched the video from Castro's commandatura in the mountains
(link below) and wondered how comfortable they lived. Now i can't imagine Castro
dragging a mattress or fridge through the jungle or picking fruits. I am convinced
all their needs and supplies were helicoptered in including a couple of boxes with
Guevara's beloved Montecristo No. 4. to a hideaway i guess easily to detect. So
there is a bunch of bearded rebels determined to take over power in Havana ousting
a dictator surrounded by a large army. In Santa Clara a train loaded with arms fell in
their lap and with only a couple of squirmishes Castro made it to Havana and seized
power. In my opinion it went all too easy and it must be assumed, that the operation
has been orchestrated with Casto picked as the charismatic leader by higher powers,
what would also explain his survival of hundreds of alleged assassination attempts.

Castro then cashed in as the only Cuban president to this day the U.S. lease check for
Guantanamo Bay quasi as a reward imho. More important shortly afterwards the cold
war started between those with a white pentagram on their combat jets against those
with a red pentagram on their aircrafts. That means Castro was an agent, perhaps by
the CIA , who served the"elites" and sacrificed his own people, who then had to suffer
from sanctions. Comrade Che must have known all about it that could be the reason
why he made off to Bolivia to start a genuine revolution.

I searched the net to see, if someone else backs my theory and none other than Henry
Makow does it (link below). To me now this explains the police presence in Havana,
because riots can easily break out, when folks do not accept games played on their
back any longer and conversations with foreigners are nearly prohibited.

It seems not only German history books need to be rewritten, but Cubans too.

Castros Commandatura

Henry Makow        

Prix De L'arc De Triomphe On Sunday

After some years of absence this race returns to Longchamp and its going to be
a thriller. Hot fav is the top class filly ENABLE defending her title and should
be very hard to beat. She has only a few miles on the clock and won a recent
prep race in a canter. Master trainer John Gosden will have her in peak form
and i am quite happy about the ante-post odds of 2.3 in a race lacking strength
in depth, while hoping for a vital good draw ***WON

As usual, this classic video from our Japanese racing fans, who won't have to
suffer this time, because no Japanese raider has been entered.