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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Riddle Angela Merkel

Taken from Ki11erbee-Blog
After heavy losses following the elections in Bavaria and Hessia  for her party
CDU/CSU Merkel stepped down as chairwoman though remains chancellor until
further notice and can be considered a lame duck now.

The official narrative is, that Merkel is of Polish-Jewish ancestry with the  name
Aniela Kazmierczak, however rumors are lingering, she is the daughter of Helmut
Kohl, the former German chancellor whose real name was Hennoch Kohn - i think
the image above enforces the second opinion. Merkel as well as Kohl have the
habbit to shove the lower jaw sometimes forward while speaking, which is rather
unique. Even Marianne Birthler, who looks like Merkel's twin is supposed to be
Kohl's daughter.

Also Merkel sports her trademark hash over the button. We are told, she does it, be-
cause she does not know what to do with her hands. Utter nonsense, she displays a
membership to the freemasons with the hash being a circle and angle measure over
the all seeing eye. This means she is Luciferian, under the spell of Satan and certainly
has the character premises to stone-cold execute an agenda as the current one we
undergo here in Europe. Sometimes she gives the impression as she is lost, drooling
around and looks like she rather would do some gardening on her home soil, though
this can be the aftermath of MK-Ultra treatment and we shouldn't be fooled and
underestimate her determination.

Some might argue, that the major free masonry lodges are all male and do not accept
females. That argument is nullified through transvestigations of Merkel suggesting she
was born a male and is a transgender person. I find these allegation very credible and
it is not a great surprise since in German politics there are more male-to-females than
in womens tennis knowing, that the so called elite has a knack for this human typus.

I am convinced Merkel did not have to bend a finger to come to power or had to rid
any opponent since all was arranged for her. Though now it seems her masters who
protected her have lowered their thumbs downwards feeling she is of no more use.

All of the above stems from my personal conclusions and can mostly not be proven. It
is possible it contains plenty of footle, but remember TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN
FICTION. I wish she once will write her biography on the frontporch on her ranch in
Paraguay to shed some light on what her life was all about.

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