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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

A couple of weeks ago judge Brett Kavanaugh was nominated by POTUS D.
Trump for the Supreme Justice Court. Prior to that he was accused by a woman
named Blasey-Ford for sexual misconduct in their teens. Now guess what, Brett
Kavanaugh and Blasey-Ford are one and the same person ! Erm ..., say what ?
That's right, it is called the Illuminati Humiliation Ritual disclosed by alert You
Tubers and imho their point is pretty convincing. But it doesn't end there, perhaps
O. B.-Laden and Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro or whatever that imposters name
is, are the same. YT legend Russianvids even suggested, that RFK is the man behind
Jimmy Carter and he usually knows his stuff.

After i figured out the Cuban revolution is a scam and the Cold War nothing but
theatre, this can't really surprise me. We, the regular people are mere dupes played
by the so called elite. One, who knows is obviously Donald Trump, because he is
a member of the "club". With him i still have the sneaky yet dwindling assumption
he is just a pretender playing along and waiting for the opportunity to grab these
fuckers by the balls and take them out of the ballgame thus making this planet a
less insane place. This is something everyone should agree upon no matter whether
Rep or Dem, who should overcome their animosities and forget their divide &
conquer tussle at least for a while since they share the same enemies.

Kavanaugh/Ford Videos


Obama is Osama   


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