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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Rheinwiesen Camp Memorial Day

On Nov. 24, a memorial day for the many thousands of German soldiers starved
to death in wet and cold conditions by allied forces takes place in the city of
Bretzenheim. This gruesome chapter was kept under the rug by the noble U.S.-
American liberators, who shot and killed everyone trying to supply food for the
inmates. The term Prisoner Of War has been revoked from them and was changed
to "Disarmed Enemy Forces", so that they were not eligible to the rules of the
Geneva convention and could be treated badly.

Day after day truckloads of dead corpses were carried away and to some it is quite
possible, images of proceedings were used in context with Auschwitz.

British Premier Winston Churchill said it loud and clear, the war was not about ous-
ting Hitler, but to annihilate the German people, who were and still are feared for
their economic power, so the Rheinwiesen Camp can be considered part of a genocide.
The Anglo-Saxons wanted that war under any circumstance and declined a number
of German peace offers, so please set your history textbooks straight.

Blogger Ki11erbee's take with embedded video can be seen here.

Interesting video about WWII, asking questions not answered yet.

Camp survivors narrate in this video in German.

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