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Thursday, November 15, 2018

UN - Migration Pact

I didn't bother to read that shoddy work, since it mostly contains smoke screens
and mirrors. What i understand is, states intend to act as human traffickers, try-
ing to bring in migrants with a status having changed from illegal to legal and
enabling them access to the social safety net with critics deemed offenders.

Obviously many target countries already opted out with the USA, Australia and
of course Israel not allowing Goyim on "their" territory, thus not putting their
sovereignty on the line, something the Federal Republic in Germany never had.
Germany's Chancellora Merkel is usually Israel's lapdog yet mad keen to sign
the pact and that is all i need to know - who is represented by German politicians
doesn't need enimies any longer.

Merkel already spoke openly about proceedings in 2015 and might be also re-
sponsible for parts of the content concerning the pact, but nonetheless became re-
elected and is now in her thirteenth year in office. So any pity with the electorate
is inappropriate, since they perhaps receive, what they ordered - a further attempt
to annihilate the German population through the migration weapon.

Video from Jasinna

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