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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

The Corn Cob Pipe

I used to smoke a pipe many years ago, then quit. Now not too long ago i became
aware of the corn cob pipe, manufactured by the Missouri Meerschaum Company.
That thing is made from a real corn cob, as such inexpensive and not very durable
compared to its counterparts shaped of Bruyere wood. Also it doesn't make sense
to attach a high quality mouthpiece and still this writer enjoys to smoke a nice
cavendish tobacco gently stuffed into it while sitting in a Chesterfield armchair
along with a tasty drink.

Enjoy ...

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Celebrating The 50th Year Of The Moon Landing Hoax

My mother told me recently, "They landed on the moon, i saw it on TV". I replied
"Shure, mom, shure." with the old Richard Nixon quote springing to mind and the
television a propaganda tool already back then.

"The ... people don't believe anything, until they see it on TV."

The 60's were a difficult decade for the USA and they urgently needed a success to
cheer up their people and the Apollo mission fitted the bill. Failure was no option
and so the pictures broadcasted in 1969 from the Apollo 11 were certainly not live
and to exclude risks any further they staged the landing in a desert, probably Area 51,
right away.

However in such a vast project mistakes are always made and a profound scrutiny
discloses them in volumes of YT-videos, also subtle ones as the Bernoulli-Effect.
I find it most interesting, that the outspoken Gus Grissom , appointed astronaut for
the Apollo 1 mission, seriously doubted the feasibility of flying to the moon with
the technology at hand. He burned to death a little later in his command module and
suspicions of murder are still lingering.

A question, which naturally arised afterwards is, why the Russians played along per-
haps with the triangulation. I debunked earlier the Cuba crisis and the Cold War as
nothing but theatre of two nations in cahoots with each other. I rather believe, after
they have send the dog Laika into orbit, who died miserably perhaps in the Van Allen
Belt, trying to get to the moon is a. losing uphill battle. Nonetheless they shot cosmo-
naut Jury Gagarin up next to keep the ball rolling. Gagarin probably spent less time
in an airplane like myself, but had that typical Russian countryboy face. He ended up
an alkoholic after returning to earth. IMHO all space programs nowadays are nothing
but a way to extort taxpayers money.

A couple of useful links ...

The legendary press conference from the Apollo 11 crew, speaks volumes...

Russianvids ( reupload )

Gerhard Wisnewski' s  book

Norman investigativ

Thursday, July 18, 2019

"There Is No Business Like Shoah-Business ?!"

Last month the androgen CDU-chairwoman Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer was
invited to the Bilderberger meeting (as was U. von der Leyen), but instead flew
to Israel to make her kowtow there and among others she met President Reuven
Rivlin (can you spot the German flag on this image?) It would be wishful
thinking to assume, she said something like "Look Reuven, us Germans will not
longer dance to the Jewish tune and in the future i do what is in the Germans
best interest" leaving behing a flabbergasted president. AKK is just another
fine example of a spineless German politician and after her briefing she boasted
back in Germany "Every adolescent has to visit a Holocaust monument." As a
reward she was promoted to the secretary of defence job, while von der Leyen
although not being nominated at the last EU-elections was lifted to be the
successor of J.C. Juncker as EU-Comission president - amazing .

So AKK wants to make shure the German guilt complex keeps on running accom-
panied by hefty payments to Israel and the education of new recruits for the
Antifa and similar Anti-Germans. But has the Holocaust or Shoah really happened ?
Doubting him at least here in Germany means walking on thin ice, however for
instance in U.S.American commentary forums as i frequently en-
counter the notion "holohoax" and so what is the deal now ?

Here are a couple of things to think about. Check them and be outraged either way ...

The official version says 6 million Jews were killed in Auschwitz. That would lead to
the following calculation shown here.
This is an interesting German page. Unfortunately YouTube deleted all the videos,
wonder why.
This page claims, Auschwitz was a labour camp and not a death camp, equipped with
dentist, swimming pool, theatre and even a brothel for the inmates.
Here are 21 interesting facts about the hc.
In a previous post i recommended , what Gerard Menuhin, Fred Leuchter and former
YouTuber, now Bitchuter JohnRobinson101 have to say and it is mighty illuminating.

Many people around the world are waiting for the Germans to get off their knees and
what happens here in the FRiG ? They throw 90 year old Ursula Haverbeck and others
for years behind bars for voicing their as hate speech branded opinion about him,
while rolling out a red carpet for folks like George Soros and Henry Kissinger. But nah,
thinking of a plan worked out would be too far fetched ...

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Fear - The Demon Inside

Another book i just read was named "Make your bed" and was written by former
SEAL and Admiral William H. McRaven. I cannot recall exactly, why i bought
the book, since it mostly contains platitudes put on paper by someone suffering
from an inferiority complex, who needed something to prove to himself and never
reflected on his or the army's deeds overseas.

However i found one of his anecdotes pretty impressive, when he narrated that
while during SEAL training he had to perform a midnight swim in shark infested
waters outside San Diego. He was told not to show any fear, otherwise the Great
White shark will smell it, circle and eventually maim him, so to stay alive it is
mandatory to remain cool as a cucumber.

I suppose many people look back at a life of missed opportunities and fear has to
be blamed for that. They meet the love of their life and only have a splitsecond to
take action, but decide to remain silent out of fear to stutter or searching for words,
thus having lifelong regrets. Others never leave their comfort zone with the endless
routine, although traveling around the world is something everyone should have
experienced - too dangerous, too expensive, too this and that ...

I remember having played my 5-string banjo on stage in front of a pretty large crowd.
I was so nervous, my right thumb was trembling like crazy and how was i supposed
to play five hundred notes per minute in the right order with a shaking thumb ?
Somehow i got through some hot solos and drew a round of applause, but had not a
great time up there. So would i expose myself again to a similar situation, risking
of looking like a complete fool or German striker Frank Mill? Of course, everyone
performing in public accepts that risk, just wanting to entertain and after all a stage
can be the best place anywhere, when everything falls in place.

In Holland i once was sitting in a bar, when the local bully took aim at me, asking for
a fight. I gave him an earful and he tucked his tail between his legs and retreated.
Dudes like him thrive on fear and can't deal with counterwind.

Another example is an insurance company wanting to extort plenty of money. I refused
to pay and obviously struck a note, when they wilted quickly being used to obedience.
Now next week i will post something, what could have the consequence that my blog
will be shut down. So should i start to pussyfoot around and not write it ? Certainly not
and this blog is here to spread, what i consider the truth. Fear is not appropriate in
that matter. I do not consider myself a most courageous guy,but many times the lesson
was, that being fearless pays off.

McRavens famous speech

Thursday, July 4, 2019

German Derby 2019 In Hamburg

Next Sunday i continue my quest to find a winner in this race. The winner from
the last two years have two things in common. Both were sired by Soldier Hollow
and trained by Markus Klug. I will follow this route and will back the only con-
tender fitting the bill and that is DSCHINGIS FIRST. He is currently available at
odds around ten and certainly worth a punt with modest stakes.

*** Dschingis ran a bit below par and finnished six. The winner Laccario is a
       seriously good colt and is already entered for the Arc de Triomphe to take
       on the wonder filly Enable. I will back him, if participating ...