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Thursday, September 24, 2015


Already nearly two years ago a Syrian teenager released a video she dubbed " Why The NWO Hates Syria ". She gave eight reasons explaining her statement, which are in a nutshell ...

1.) Syria's central bank is owned and controlled by the state.
2.) Syria has no IWF debt.
3.) Syria has banned genetically manipulated seeds.
4.) Syria's population is well informed about the New World Order.
5.) Syria has massive oil- and gas reserves.
6.) Syria opposes Zionism and Israel.
7.) Syria is the last secular Muslim state in the Middle east.
8.) Syria maintains its cultural and political national identity.

Some might dismiss the above as propaganda, but to me it makes a lot of sense and if true, Pres. Bashar al-Assad is right on track. He is a highly educated and soft spoken man, who will not bow down to American interests and belongs to the Alawite minority, which occupies many important positions, what leads unavoidable to tensions with the Sunni majority. In 1982 his father Hafez brutally put down a Sunni rebellion and he himself certainly is not squirmish either, when his power is in danger. The Middle-East probably remains a trouble spot, because of the frontiers, which once were drawn by the British with a rule not considering rank memberships. Anyway, meanwhile Wladimir Putin is taking care of business in Syria and let's hope he can further push back American influence and repacify the country - this would enable Syria to be rebuilt and stop the exodus of people.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fine Spirits

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

9/11 Anniversary

Tomorrow takes place the 14th anniversary of the twin tower attacks and plenty of false tears will be shed, since even those , who lived underneath a stone in recent years should know by now that these attacks were not executed by Arabs with box cutters, but are an inside job. So it is not really a surprise, that the implemented inquiry commission headed by Henry Kissinger and Michael Chertoff didn't come up with profound revelations and left that job to some excellent film makers, whose accumulated facts about the above made statement can't be denied. My preferred three are these :  LOOSE CHANGE *** 9/11 MISSING LINKS *** CONCUSIVE EVIDENTS THE 9/11 PLANES WERE NOT REAL, suggesting the planes were an optical illusion. The bad news is, that the culprits will probably not only elude their rightful punishment, but perhaps will commit further atrocities following their seven year Shemitah cycle.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Anti-Germans

Germany is a different country in many aspects. It pays huge sums of tribute to its occupying power, every household has to pay a monthly fee for a public broadcasting service and gets in return a massive dose of propaganda and manipulation and it has a chancellora despising the nation she governs and its inhabitants alltogether. Recently Merkel visited the saxonian town of Heidenau, where someone called her a traitor. Officials search now for the culprit to impeach her, though in my view the person in question has nothing to worry about, since Merkel's deeds to sell out the nation are well documented and every mediocre lawyer should win the case. Next month Fed. Pres. Gauck travels to Washington and if he would represent the German population, he would say: "Listen Mr. Obama, us Germans are sick and tired of your war mongering. We want you to sign a peace treaty to regain our sovereignity and your weaponry out afterwards." Of course that is wishful thinking. Gauck will throw himself in the dust in front of Obama, reassuring him, that Germany remains a faithful vasall, standing firmly by the American side, even when they want to pull us into a war against Russia - Obama will acknowledge it with a satisfied nod. The Left Party and especially the Green Party traditionally never had a shortage of Germany haters with top cadres J. Fischer, J. Trittin and C. Roth. They consider every white German a Nazi or racist, who needs to be annihilated for instance by opening the floodgates for fugitives even further. This means that politicians basically without any sort of education want to destroy, what generations of bright and diligent people established after world war II. So how about myself now ? Difficult. On a daily base i shake my head in disbelief about the bollocks happening here filling the newspapers. The mainstream media and politics formed a dreadful alliance trying to brainwash the people's minds and worse the old Roman principle of divide et impera works perfect here with all sorts of groups fighting each other, pro-asylants vs contra-asylants, gays vs heteros, car drivers vs bicyclists etc, etc etc, ...  Furthermore when i use public transportation, it seems everyone i see has to carry the burden of the whole world on his shoulders. Germany likes to boast of being export champs and being the world football champs too is a necessity. I as a non-competitive person don't give a bloody whit about all that. I would rather like to see, that Germany for once doesn't qualify for the tournament and nobody would be bothered. Of course in reality it would be a national drama. The bottom line is, that i am partly anti German as well and this is one reason, why i travelled so frequently over the years. On the other side, when i travel through the northern part of Germany with the great scenery and marvellous folks i develop a sense of home - despite all its shortcomings it is still a privilege to live here.

Jasinna made another fantastic video about the fugitive issue, which can be seen here.