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Thursday, September 24, 2015


Already nearly two years ago a Syrian teenager released a video she dubbed " Why The NWO Hates Syria ". She gave eight reasons explaining her statement, which are in a nutshell ...

1.) Syria's central bank is owned and controlled by the state.
2.) Syria has no IWF debt.
3.) Syria has banned genetically manipulated seeds.
4.) Syria's population is well informed about the New World Order.
5.) Syria has massive oil- and gas reserves.
6.) Syria opposes Zionism and Israel.
7.) Syria is the last secular Muslim state in the Middle east.
8.) Syria maintains its cultural and political national identity.

Some might dismiss the above as propaganda, but to me it makes a lot of sense and if true, Pres. Bashar al-Assad is right on track. He is a highly educated and soft spoken man, who will not bow down to American interests and belongs to the Alawite minority, which occupies many important positions, what leads unavoidable to tensions with the Sunni majority. In 1982 his father Hafez brutally put down a Sunni rebellion and he himself certainly is not squirmish either, when his power is in danger. The Middle-East probably remains a trouble spot, because of the frontiers, which once were drawn by the British with a rule not considering rank memberships. Anyway, meanwhile Wladimir Putin is taking care of business in Syria and let's hope he can further push back American influence and repacify the country - this would enable Syria to be rebuilt and stop the exodus of people.

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