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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The Dogma - Not A Good Thing

This post was inspired by blogger Killerbee,who has a brilliant way of thinking outside
the box, connecting dots and revealing inconvenient truths about Germans. The defini-
tion for the dogma is " Set of beliefs that people are expected to accept without any

The mother of all dogmas is certainly the holocaust. Here is, what the German judge 
 Meinertzhagen has to say about him.

" It is completely irrelevant, wether the holocaust happened or not, his denial will be
   prosecuted in Germany and only that matters at a trial."

Many people took a closer inspection about what happened in Auschwitz and draw the
same conclusion, namely it was a labour camp where no document could be found
ordering to gas Jews. The distinguished Jewish gentleman Gerard Menuhin wrote a
remarkable book questioning the existence of the holocaust, though someone like
judge Meinertzhagen would just wipe it off his table and keep applying paragraph
130 criminal code putting folks behind bars for voicing their opinion. It is obvious ,
that Germans shall be kept in self-flagellation, while others cash in big time with the
holocaust industry ( see Norman Finkelstein´s book )

Another dogma is, Germans bear the war gene inside and are responsible for the world
wars last century. Hitler was a bad,bad man, who conducted speeches at night amidst
a see of torches - pure evil. But wait a minute, he also said someting, Ki11erbee
posted in his blog, what is really worth reading. It can be assumed he was an philan-
tropist and true Socialist ( A "Nazi" after all is a Socialist, just a national minded one
with the Socialists nowadays international minded, not giving a bloody whit about the

Hitler´s  biografy looks somewhat sketchy being a private during WW I with his quick
rising to power afterwards. Rumors have it, that his mother  was a housekeeper at the
Rothschild´s home and when they had a fling the result was little Adolf. So it is easy
to believe Hitler was nothing but a tool in the hands of the financial elite, what
explains some peculiar decisions he made during WW II as for instance in Dunkirk.

However my main point is the German attack on Poland. After WW I with the Vers -
ailles treaty the Eastern German territory was eventually handed over to the Polish,
who wasted no time to harrass the German minority climaxing in the "Bromberger
Bloody Sunday". Afterwards Hitler ordered the invasion of Poland. It is undisputed
that Germans are responsible for plenty of atrocities during WW II, but that is only
half of the story.

Next is 9/11. Those, who haven´t lived under a rock since then know, the official story
stinks from start to finnish with the real culprits are (still) untouchable. In this video
the maker affirms Bin-Laden and Barack Obama are one and the same person. Would
it not be something, when the puppet masters blow up the towers, then masquerade
Obama as Bin-Laden, making Obama the POTUS afterwards - a devlish ruse.
Whatever, the scapegoat had to be a Muslim. In Hamburg Mounir el-Motassadeq has
been released recently after stewing in a German prison for fifteen years, a victim for
keeping the dogma upright.

Then there is the Breitscheidplatz - hoax in Berlin with Anis Amri another Muslim
singled out as a scapegoat. I looked at the trucks front part and within five seconds i
noticed the following. The hole in the windshield matches exactly the head of a
sledgehammer, the passenger seat with the alleged killed Polish trucker could not be
seen, because of stuffed in evergreens. The truck allegedly killed a dozen people in-
juring 50+ , though not a drop of blood could be seen nor rags of clothing. Further-
more no one heard a single scream, so they all died quietly under enormous pain ?
Then the truck ran over at least one pillar, so should have been damaged underneath,
but nothing can be detected. Those responsible for the charade did not even recoil to
chisel the names of the alleged casualties into stone, though i am quite optimistic,
the thruth will prevail some day and many folks sitting in high places will stand there
with their pants let down.

Last in line is the NSU scandal, where three Germans are accused for a killing spree
within a decade with the victims mostly Kurds. Not a single piece of evidence, docs
locked away for hundredandtwenty years or shreddered and witnesses dying like flies.
Why bother, the dogma says the NSU did it, case closed. Here is Killerbees take on it.


With all these examples you can see the dogma is alive and well in Germany serving
as a cover-up for lies, false flags and hoaxes. They explain the shameless mendacity
in Germany concerning politics, mainstream media and justice. I will never make my
peace with that and keep trying to establish a society endorsing the values " Truth,
Honour, Courage and Justice ".

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