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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Cuba Revisited ... Castro And Guevara Debunked

Cuba remains an island of stark contrasts. You walk down the street slaloming
around rubble and garbage when all of a sudden a stylishly dressed black belle
celebrating the elegant strut comes along or how about a '58 Chevy Bel Air
from times when carmakers had still a sense for beauty. But there is more to re-
port, much more ...

I received the required tourist card from - fast and reliable service.
On my previous trips i used to stay in the Lido hotel, though meanwhile tripled
prices and i looked elsewhere. At Airbnb i found the Casa Botello from Rafael
and Mary and thoroughly enjoyed my stay there.

Tobacco grows in large amounts on fields and that's why i am flubbergusted when
seeing the prices asked for cigars knowing only certain leafs can be used and
vast expertise is required to roll one, especially the king of cigars - the Cohiba
Behike sold for around fifty Euros in Germany. However my favourite brands are
the Selectos and the Guantanamera, both machine rolled and on the inexpensive
side. Me the savvy business man brought many of them home trying to sell them
at Ebay. My offer was immediately deleted for political reasons and now i have
cigars to smoke for years to come.

In restaurants the bill frequently is a surprise package. Did they put beers on the
tab i never drank or an exorbitant service charge ? More than once i left the joint
swearing and coursing. A great exception is the paladar Torreson at the Malecon
24 where great food is cooked by elderly people, which can be enjoyed with a
terrific view over the bay.

Once i was picking away on my can at the malecon, when some dude approached
me and we had a nice little chat when out of the blue two very young police men
showed up and grabbed him by the scruff of the neck. The following argument last-
ed for around 20 minutes and was eventually settled by two packs of cigarettes. If
you want Mr. Nobody act like an axxhole, just put him in a police uniform giving
him the licence to harrass people. The police presence in Havana is enormous and
i asked me why. I never felt unsafe even when walking through the grimiest dark
districts, so it can't have anything to do with the protection of tourists.

On 9/11 i was sitting in an restaurant, when the news started in the television. First
i noticed the ball shaped earth in the graphic. Now plenty of times i observed ships
leaving Havana from the nearby harbour and it took a long,long time until they
eventually disappeared at the horizon . So please fool somebody else with the ball
shaped planet when the earth is flat. Next a very serious looking presenter read the
usual guff about the twin tower attacks not trying a bit to ridicule the official version.
Then it occured to me, Cuba is a mere player in this world theater having the role as
the antithesist. Even the barcode on their products contains a six left, right and center.

So next i reconsidered the role of Fidel Castro. The official story in a nutshell goes,
that in 1955 he and a band of rebels attacked the Moncada baracks to get ahold on
arms, was captured and sentenced to fifteen years in prison, released after not even
two. Exiled to Mexico and returned with Guevara and others on the Granma and
escaped to the Sierra Maestra. From there they marched towards Havana seizing
arms in Santa Clara and eventually grabbed power after the Batista regime offered
next to none resistance. Hmmm ...

Already earlier i watched the video from Castro's commandatura in the mountains
(link below) and wondered how comfortable they lived. Now i can't imagine Castro
dragging a mattress or fridge through the jungle or picking fruits. I am convinced
all their needs and supplies were helicoptered in including a couple of boxes with
Guevara's beloved Montecristo No. 4. to a hideaway i guess easily to detect. So
there is a bunch of bearded rebels determined to take over power in Havana ousting
a dictator surrounded by a large army. In Santa Clara a train loaded with arms fell in
their lap and with only a couple of squirmishes Castro made it to Havana and seized
power. In my opinion it went all too easy and it must be assumed, that the operation
has been orchestrated with Casto picked as the charismatic leader by higher powers,
what would also explain his survival of hundreds of alleged assassination attempts.

Castro then cashed in as the only Cuban president to this day the U.S. lease check for
Guantanamo Bay quasi as a reward imho. More important shortly afterwards the cold
war started between those with a white pentagram on their combat jets against those
with a red pentagram on their aircrafts. That means Castro was an agent, perhaps by
the CIA , who served the"elites" and sacrificed his own people, who then had to suffer
from sanctions. Comrade Che must have known all about it that could be the reason
why he made off to Bolivia to start a genuine revolution.

I searched the net to see, if someone else backs my theory and none other than Henry
Makow does it (link below). To me now this explains the police presence in Havana,
because riots can easily break out, when folks do not accept games played on their
back any longer and conversations with foreigners are nearly prohibited.

It seems not only German history books need to be rewritten, but Cubans too.

Castros Commandatura

Henry Makow        

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