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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Donald Trump vs The Unhinged Left

POTUS Donald Trump handed the Democrats another blow, when his nominated
candidate as the Supreme Court judge, Brett Kavanaugh, received enough senate
votes to occupy that position. I wrote earlier, the leftists nowadays don't stand for
a balance between labour and capital, but rather are henchmen for the globalists
and perceive themselves as justice warriors. So it didn't come as a surprise, when
they presented a completely out-of-sorts woman named Blasey Ford, i certainly
wouldn't share an elevator with her, to thwart Trumps nominee. She accused Kava-
naugh of sexual misconduct on a party some thirtysix years ago, where as a fifteen
year old teenager she had perhaps the intention to play a game of Scrabble, when
to her surprise the older boys begun to drink beer and showed some interest in her.

Well,no witnesses nor evidence, so the vicious attempt to annihilate the life and
reputation of a white heterosexual man, the leftists preferred target (justified on
other occasions though), failed miserably. I find it amazing, the Dems cry "foul"
here when at the same time support a pure evil woman with Hillary Clinton.
Her path is plastered with dead bodies and scandals, talk about double morale

Clinton's involvement in Libya / ... the Ukraine / ... in Syria

Also I find it interesting, that females supporting Trump are good looking, respec-
table and articulate, while leftists women are frequently only able to yell, feminists
and lesbians, whose hatred is chiseled in their faces. Certainly no male however
in need wants to touch one of them with a barge pole, thus playing in the cards of
the "elites" trying to execute a genocide on white folks.

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