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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Them Against Us

In this video (1:00) EU-Comissioner Julian King talks about an action plan to fight
Islamist terrorism. Now those, who are not completely dumbed down by the main-
stream media know, that these alleged terrorist incidents in Berlin, Nice or Brussels
have written "hoax" all over the shop. When the EU now wants to place military
and more road blocks in the streets, we know where the wind blows from. These
measures have nothing to do with the protection of civilians, but to create a climate
of fear on their way to a Orwellian surveillance state. The message is "Your are not
happy with the interaction between politicians and the fat cats and oppose their
deeds in general ? Fine, but don't even think about a rebellion." So when politicians
announce plans to hire more policemen they do it for their own safeguard and not
giving a bloody whit of people having to deal with violent migrants for instance.

From that point of view, the occurences surrounding the G-20 summit were an real
eye opener about the role the police plays in our society. Being aware of that it is all
too obvious, that the recent event in Munich ( where else you might ask ) was noth-
ing but Kabuki theater with a knife wielding bloke moving around with a bicycle in
the starring role and 500 policemen conducting a drill. This video contains various
freemasonic symbolism pictured after six seconds, can you spot them ?

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