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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Another False Flag Attack Tomorrow ?

Tomorrow is the 22 of March, a notorious date on which various times false flag have
happened in the past, the last time in London. These attacks could be linked to the
Skull & Bones secret society, who have chosen the 322 as their holy number for an un-
known reason, which tranlates to March, the 22. Their most important members in-
clude George W. Bush and John Kerry, psychopaths whose egos demand to show the
public in a subtle way, who pulls the strings in the background and the targeted clash
of civilisations between Christians and Muslims another possible motive, since usually
Muslims are held responsible for the alleged attacks.

It is interesting, that just yesterday a terror drill took place in the German city of
Frankfurt, so perhaps a false flag will be conducted there. If so, please do not jump
on the bandwagon right away and accuse Muslims. Most western attacks have little
to do with the Islam, but a lot with secret services. I have absolutely no points of con-
tact with Muslims, but avoiding any prejudgement against them is the imperative of
fairplay and the scrutiny of certain three letter organisations is more advised.

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