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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Daily Dose Of Poison

Until recently i used dental care products containing flouride. Not any longer since i have learned that it is not a proven caries prophylaxis, but highly toxic causing a plethora of diseases. Once it was added to drinking water, then prohibited. Now we find it in toothpaste or mouthwash, where it contaminates the people - i wouldn't touch that stuff again with a bargepole. And while i gather momentum i want to mention seeds giant Monsanto. I read in a marginalia, that Monsanto has won a lawsuit in France and are now allowed to cultivate their gene manipulated corn MON 810 there. I don't bother mentioning all the different pestizides they engineered into the seeds, but i think it is safe to assume, that the food eventually landing on our plates is not the healthiest. In 2010 a desastrous earthquake hit Haiti. Afterwards the altruistic folks of Monsanto delivered 475 tons of seeds to the battered country. However the Haitians smelled a rat and made short work with the rubbish - 60000 sacks went up in smoke.

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