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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Munich - Another Hoax In The "Pokemon-Go" Zombie Nation

According to this webpage Millenials, as young people are called nowadays in the
newspeak, have stunning deficits concerning basic skills and knowledge. Though
what are they doing instead of improving their all over education ? Chasing virtual
monsters leading to deaths in traffic or other accidents like plunging in a abyss, while
exercising that baloney. Less dramatic consequences are giving permission, that per-
sonal data will be transmitted and distraction from what really matters.

The political class will notice that with a satisfied nod. They know, they can raise
taxes - people will mumble a little bit, but will swallow it. They know, they can
invite another million of migrants - the gendermainstreamed population will offer
no resistance. They know, they can conduct a police drill and pass it up as live
after an alleged killing spree. Now wait a minute !

Why would they orchestrate a faked police drill, when the elite has nothing to fear
from the people ? Because more and more folks realize, what is going on and do
not accept any longer to live in a country, where lies and deception are a daily
routine and that brings me to the Munich shooting last week.

In this video the shooting in front of McDonalds is played in super slowmotion and
to my surprise the shooter appears out of the blue. Obviously the video was post-
edited and recorded with a potato, a camera from the nineties without HD, so the
quality of the recording is pretty bad, which has the purpose to cover up the before-
mentioned manipulation. Where are the people are all coming from ? Google Earth
tells us, that behind McDonalds are no other shops or streets, but it is the perfect
place to hide and wait for a commando to run.

After the alleged shooting the attacker went on a parkdeck on top of a shopping mall
across the street. Usually at 6 p.m local time the deck is packed with cars, but no
one in sight, instead the gunman is yelling his resume to a neighbor - give me a break.
Later we were told he committed suicide, this foto shows the joker holding his hands
over his tummy, so his breathing cannot be detected. He was identified as Ali David
Sonboly or according to Freeman Ali Daud Sunbuli. The MSM called him rather
David S. to hide his migration background and then placed him in the far right corner.

The bottom line is, the police conducted a drill to figure out how to get control over
the city in case of civil unrest and in what time. The helicopter squad flying over
Munich shortly prior of the incident is further evidence in my humble opinion.
This foto shows Bavarian's highest police official. Does he look to you as someone
committed to honesty and the truth ? No ? Neither to this writer.

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