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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Procession In The Ukraine

Amidst the turmoil in France and Turkey an important event has sunk into oblivion.
Under complete ignorance of the mainstream media, there are tens of thousands of
people marching towards the capitol Kiev from different directions. The peace
march will end July, 27 and according to some sources 1,5 million folks will join
there, asking the governmant to stop the war against the Eastern regions. Along the
way right wingers from the Right Sector and Svoboda ( Merkel's buddies ) suggest
to mow them down, but then refrained in view of the masses.

Recently i read an interview in my local paper "Hamburger Abendblatt" ( My patience
with that publication is thinning ) with Ukrainian prime minister Groysman, who of
course fell out of the same nest as the punks Poroschenko and Jazenjuk. He repeated
unchallenged the same old rhetoric about the Crimea and an alleged Russian agression
.Then it was Bilderberger and Hamburg's mayor Olaf Scholz echoing that nonsense at
the Petersburger Dialog faithful to the motto : " If a lie is told often enough, one will
eventually believe her."

So ladies and gentlemen , let me explain once and for all and especially for the two
above.What happened on the Crimea was NOT a annexion, but a secession, which
had nothing to do with the public international law,though sure enough,when the term
" annexion " is used military action can be applied. Furthermore Russians crossed the
border into the Ukraine to prevent an ethnic cleansing against the Russian-stemming
population by fascists dispatched by Poroschenko.

I am afraid, the U.S.-American puppets in Kiev will never give in until they regained
control about the lost regions and keep on pushing for war, but hope the marchers
prevail and peace can  finally be restored.

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