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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Politics And Football

Buenos Aires, June, 21, 1978 Football World Championship game between Argen-
tina and Peru. Due to a different modus back then, Argentina needed to win by four
goals to reach the final. Surprisingly prior of the match two of the world's most evil
men appeared in the Peruvian dressing room, Argentinas military dictator Jorge
Videla and US-foreign secretary Henry Kissinger. They asked the Peruvians to show
"South-American solidarity ", which could be translated into " Take it easy on the
Argentinians or you die in a plane crash on your way back home " - the terrified Peru-
vians offered little resistance and lost 0:6. Argentina went on to win the tournament,
thus polishing the Argentinian image as well as lifting the spirits of the locals much to
the delight of the junta.

Paris, June, 7, 2016 Semi-final game between France and Germany. I do not assume,
French president Hollande showed up in the German locker room before the match
threatening them to dump it to reinforce his own position and to make domestic issues
forgotten for awhile,but i can definitely envision, that he called up chancellora Merkel
perhaps already before the Italian game, knowing she has close ties to coach Löw,and
asked her to take over the task,because in case of another title Germany would be too
dominant and more hated within the EU, so here is my theory :

As an obedient systemite Löw obeyed to her request and picked two players for exe-
cuting the job - Schweinsteiger and Boateng, who both had already won numerous
titles including the World Cup. Modern times footballer have usually no political atti-
tude, but an hairdresser, they let fly in, a media coach and someone to tie their shoes
and the two mentioned above are no exceptions.
Against Italy, Boateng went to the ball inside the box volleyball-style minutes before
the end, causing a draw resulting in an penalty shootout, in which Schweinsteiger
failed pitiful. Against France then Schweinsteiger went after the ball inside the box in
a peculiar way with his arms stretched out causing a penalty converted by Griezmann.
I myself played hundreds of matches, but cannot recall a defender behaved like that.
In the second half, all of a sudden Boateng layed on the ground holding his left shin,
altough allegedly his right thigh was injured.Days later,surprise,surprise,the injury was
not that grave anymore. Anyway, after his substitution, Griezmann benefited from the
German defence's disorganization and scored his second goal, thus sealing the French
victory. The French now thought their biggest obstacles were taken out of their way
in route to the title, but were thwarted by the Portuguese, who fought tooth and nails
and deservedly won the title.
Congrats to them and shame over all involved in the before mentioned charade.

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