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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Back To The U.S.A.

Readers of this blog know, that i do not hold the U.S.A in high esteem, though my
brother lives in the San Francisco area and it is time to see him again for a drink
and a chat. Filling out the ESTA-form made already clear, to what a paranoid
country i will travel, confirmed by the news the FBI planted bugs in the Bay Area.

The U.S.A. " differ between enemies, they have subdued, which they call friends
and enemies, they dont have subdued ", how G. Wisnewski put it rightly. However
it is important to stress, that regular Americans as most people on this planet are
victims of central bankers and their unsatiable greed for wealth and power. These
scumbags want to impose their military, economic and cultural leadership through
the pax americana and spent around a fantastillion in military expenses and also
to protect the petro dollar.

I don't mind spending a couple of weeks in California, but this is definitely not a
place i want to live. Hardly any water left after a drought lasting many years now
caused through modification, cops can randomly strip me of my cash, food not
moulding, sky high rents and news broadcasting stations like CNN telling folks
Australia (?!) wants to build a fence at the border to Slovenia.

So clearly the U.S.A are not any good as role model and need to be opposed,
thus politicians with balls are required and not poodles. As i wrote already
before, many Americans are great folks for example those commenting at
Zerohedge or the dude i met in a bar in Cusco. He was so grateful, that BMW
has built a factory in Spartanburg, SC helping the people there, so he paid me
three beers, out of gratitude, which i thought was very nice of him. None-
theless some need political guidance, thus i will sport my Putin-shirt over there.

+++ 10.6. demonstration in Ramstein, from where drone strikes are conducted
        around the world +++

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