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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Rio 2016 Olympic Games

I paid next to none attention to that event , but was bewildered with amusement ,
when i saw the image above showing the first three of the women's 800 m track &
field contest . If not all of them , at least the winner named Caster Semanya is
clearly a male after perhaps a little hormon treatment and i felt sorry for the bio -
logical women huffin' and puffin ' behind him without standing a chance to win that
race .

I mean, it is complete absurd .There is the shady agency WADA conducting a witch
hunt along with that schmuck and journalist Hajo Seppelt ( Get a life , dude ) against
doped athletes targeting of course mainly Russians , but on the other hand allow men
to compete in female's contests with Serena Williams being another example. Since
nobody seems to be bothered it will be a lot worse in four years from now in Tokyo ,
where the next games will take place. The Japanese are certainly already scratching
their chins , whether it will be necessary to carry out competitions for men , women
and transgender folks - Oh Lord , have mercy!

By the way, the Peruvians, which belong to my favourite people have won exactly zero
medals . For them it is " All about participation " and i hope it stays that way with the
madness involved in sports left to nations suffering from image neurosis.

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