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Thursday, September 8, 2016


The power of Orgon was once detected by Dr. Wilhelm Reich , who died under mis-
terious circumstances in an U.S. prison . The power, Orgonite generates can best be
observed on the stunning impact it has concerning the growth of plants. The foto
above shows a small Orgonite pyramid in the lower left hand side corner and pole
beans. The plant next to the pyramid is strong and growing rapidly , while the other
looks rather piddly. Same with the corn plant , the one besides the pyramid ist the
highest among all i have.

To add further proof i want to mention the avocado trees my friend cultivates in
Cusco. They all grew out of a pip and had the same age and height . When i placed
an Orgon pyramid next to one of them , that exact plant nearly doubled in altitude in
a jiffy compared to the others - mindboggling .

I recommend checking that out for yourself .

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