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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Politicians On The Run

This video shows, what occured to justice minister Maas ( SPD ), while visiting
the German town of Zwickau. His attempt to conduct a speech was short-lived,
since he got booed off the stage and eventually fled the scene in his black limo.
Actually his boss Sigmar "Das Pack" Gabriel  wanted to attend the meet & greet
with the people, but then decided to call in sick for the same reason, for which
the football match Germany-The Netherlands was canceled last November.

More and more folks wake up to the fact, that in a country under U.S.occupation
every politician within the system has be considered a traitor, because he serves
foreign interests first and thus it is mandatory for me to be a nonvoter. Furthermore
a negative-selection is conducted, because no decent character would function as
a traitor against his own people and that brings chancellora Merkel into the picture.

Merkel keeps on pushing for the TTIP project, completely ignoring the will of
millions, because her masters want to see it accomplished. Even worse, she
dispatches soldiers to Lithuania close to the Russian border following foreign
orders. Remember the Kotau she made towards G. W.Bush after former
chancellor Schröder refused to drag the FR in Germany into the Irak war ?
Merkel wouldn't hesitate a second to join the U.S in a war against Russia, thus
annihilating this country.

Merkel herself can't and probably don't want to appear in public any longer, be-
cause of her disapproval rate. So she remains in a more friendly environment
such as the recent Hannover trade fair, where she spoke in front of pathetic
corporate manager.

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