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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Peace Trip From Berlin To Moscow

Rainer Rothfuß and Ove Schattauer organized a trip from Berlin to Moscow dated
7th of August to counterattack western propaganda and to emphazise the German-
Russian friendship.

Russia received recently a double whammy, when gold medalists from the Sotchi
Olympic Games were accused of doping without any presentation of  evidence
followed by the Eurovision Song Contest last weekend. With the old voting system
Russia's Sergey Lazarev had won by a country mile, but we wouldn't live in the
western community of values, when organizers hadn't found a way to manipulate
the whole farce. So Lazarev finnished third with the Ukraine as the winner with a
song containing a political theme, thus breaching the rules.

At the forefront of bashing Russia are currently Peter Urban ( ESC-commentator),
Sabine Adler ( Deutschlandfunk ), Rebecca Harms ( Green Party ) and perhaps
the biggest dumbfuck of them all, Boris Reitschuster. For them i have a couple of
rhetoric questions :

- Does Russia want to strip us of our cash ?

- Does Russia want to implant us RFID - chips ?

- Does Russia want to convert us into totally supervised servants ?

- Did Russia established a proxy army in Syria called ISIS ?

- Did Russia flood the EU with migrants ?

All these deeds are linked to zionist USrael and their vasalls in the EU and the EZB .
Deeds, which will affect the beforementioned people as well, so why do they keep
pointing fingers at Russia ? They are all corrupt without exception ...
Here is a list of wars the USA has been involved in the last centuries and should H.
Clinton become the next president that list will be extended significantly- currently
tons of weaponry are shipped towards the East. If TTIP and CETA become reality
Europe is on toast by American corporations, predators, who turn the continent into
facism. Germans and Russians are natural allies, wanting to live and trade peacefully
in good neighborship, something Western elites don't like at all, thus keep trying to
drive a wedge between both countries for instance with ridiculous sanctions.

I applaud Rainer and Ove for their initiative and wish them well with their project.


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