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Thursday, November 10, 2016

U.S - Presidential Election 2016

The mudslinging is over and the winner is, drum roll please, Mr. Donald J. Trump.
Now here in Germany plenty of do-gooders, quality journalists and politician im-
personators standing there with egg in their faces having rooted for Clinton over
a long period simply ignoring or just not knowing, that Clinton is a blood thirsty,
war mongering and corrupt psychopath. That with husband Bill a serial rapist would
move into the White House is obviously also of no signifcance, so kudos to all Trump
voters especially in the states FL, OH, WI and PA. Forget about the western or
north-eastern states. They would also vote for Quasimodo, should he run for the
Democrats. In their world view the Dems are always the good ones even when Pres.
Obama boasted, " I am pretty good in killing people".

Like Trump or loathe him, in my opinion he deserves some credit, because he mostly
fought alone after even some Reps backstabbed him, against Wall Street and the
money changer, the mainstream media and Hollywood. What drove him was possibly,
that many thousand people attended to his rallies, while Clinton had to hire showbiz
crooners to get some seats filled. So the writing was on the wall, Trump would prevail
and my bet on him came in nicely. I am convinced Trump will get along pretty good
with Russian Pres. Putin ,thus normalizes the relationship between these countries and
reduces the danger of another large scale war, his sceptisism towards NATO is another
good sign.

As i wrote all this, it clearly must be stated, that it is very possible , that Trump and
Clinton are mere actors selected for this theater play by the shadow governments to
fuel the divide & conquer game leading perhaps to a civil war. So it is important
 to encounter Trump with only so much trust. All of sudden he does not want to im-
prison Clinton any more, since maybe behind the scenes they are best buddies and the
possible appointment of Steven Mnuchin as treasury secretary is suspicious too, be -
caus of his proximity to Goldmann Sachs and the inevitable George Soros, though i
suggest let's give him the benefit of the doubt and i promise NWO- floozie Merkel's
face will be something special on their first encounter.

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