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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Nobel Peace Prize 2015

Already tomorrow the Nobel Peace Prize will be handed over in Oslo, Norway. Frankly, i don't know the majority of the contenders and have no clue, what they have achieved, but it seems they just got an overwhelming rival and that is German chancellora Angela Merkel ! " Excuse me, who ?" i hear you asking and certainly, under normal circumstances someone like her would never receive such a prize by any stretch of the imagination, but in the twisted world we live in everything is possible and she could easily become a successor of Barack Obama. Here is a list of some of her misdeeds ...

-  She is a loyal poodle of the greatest terror state in the world, the USA.
-  Under her regime Germany remains the third largest arms exporter.
-  Repeated arms deliveries free of charge to Israel, who once again just started
    militant skirmishes with Palestine. This webpage sheds some light on Merkels
    proximity to Israel and gives an Idea, why she still is untouchable.
-  She gave 500 million Euros as financial aid to her tribes buddy,
   Ukrainian Pres. Petro Poroschenko, accompanied with bloomy words.      
   Poroschenko however wasted no time to modernize his army.
-  She imposed austerity actions against the Greek population, what lead to riots.
-  She openend the gates for illegal immigrants to Germany.
   This country turns into a banana republic, because law
   and order are overruled to cope with the invasion.
   Supplying the fugitives becomes more and more diffi-
   cult, so the situation can get ugly pretty soon. What we
   can observe here live and in color is the execution of a
   plan trying to annihilate this country and their culture.

I placed a bet with Betsson, that Merkel will receive the Nobel Peace Prize @ 10. Should i win i will donate all profits to " MEDICINS SANS FRONTIERS ". Their hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan, was destroyed by an American airstrike.*** A wise decision has been made, my bet lost and i leave it there ...


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