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Thursday, October 15, 2015

The Reunification And More Lies, Fraud And Deceptions

I already wrote about the status of the Federal Republic in Germany, but felt i needed more profound knowledge about the subject to write with more authority. So i purchased the book " Die BRD-GmbH " by Dr. Klaus Maurer and it is a mandatory read for Germans, who don't want to sleep on, but want to become enlightened citizens. Nearly two weeks ago the 25th anniversary of the reunification between the FRiG and the German Democtatic Republic was celebrated and as it turned out, it was a legally void one , because none of both countries met the requirements to be called a state. My conclusion is , that the reunification took place following a political will and was another step towards the establishment of a one-world-government. Again, the Federal Republic in Germany is not a state, but a administration construct founded by the main victorious World War II power, the USA, and at that point all adversity started, because nothing was omitted to keep Germans as U.S vasalls. The FRiG is registered as a limited liability company , so although the country sits on trillions of Euros of debts, the liability is limited to 25000 Euros - ain't looking good for creditors. German politicians are mere representatives of the USA and first and foremost obey their interests. Hence it is perfectly okay to call Merkel & co traitors. Us regular citizens are considered employees of that company and with the implemented commercial law have few more rights, than a sack of potatoes. As such we are NOT natural , but legal persons perceived as objects and objects have no rights. All of that legal stuff is very complicated and to explain it in fluid English is beyond me, but perhaps it is sufficient to point to a couple of examples. Under number C4c. in a car title it is stated, that the holder of that title is only the possessor of the car in question, however NOT the owner, so he can get stripped of the car any time. It is the same with real estate. When a mayor of the FRiG-system needs room for fugtives he can toss out  residents of houses for compensation and there is nothing, they can do about it. The content of the mainstream media is controlled by the occupying power to make shure we get manipulated left, right and center and they also determine , what our kids learn in school - it is no wonder they become obedient, uncritical systemites. Now what can be done to get out of that dishonourable misery ? I wrote before, that it is compulsory to stay away from elections. All politicians are embedded within the system and will NOT represent the interests of the people. That is, why only shady characters as Merkel, Gabriel and Gauck can make it the top ranks, they are perfect fits in a system consisting of lies, fraud, deception and more lies indeed. Key is as far as i am concerned is to liquidate the Federal Republic in Germany and start over with the German Empire ( = Germany ) with the status it had 1937 along with a proper constitution. Thus it would be possible to finally regain sovereignty by negotiating a peace treaty with the USA, who if successful also can't terrorise the world any longer for certain reasons.

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