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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Introducing Jose "Pepe" Mujica

Never heard of this extraordinary man ? Me neither until i read a comment
about him on a political webpage. Mujica has been the president of
Uruguay until last March, when he stepped down, because of his advanced
age. Once in Peru i talked to a traveller from Uruguay and he spoke very
positively about his country - i can see why. The economy is doing reasonably
well, the crime rate is very low and the people are satisfied and laid back. Now
compare that to the Federal Rep. in Germany, where we almost on a daily
base make it to the headlines mostly for all the wrong reasons and the next
scandal is always looming around the corner. Here in the western community
of values politics is a pool full of sharks and only those survive, who dance to
the tune of the finance elite. Mujica had turned away in disgust and would not
waste a minute with these scumbags, but it seems Uruguay was the right place
and the country was waiting for him and his calm and human manners.
" Fue un placer connocerlo, señor, mucho suerte."

For more information about Jose Murica, please watch this video.

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