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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Putin meets Kerry

Last Tuesday Wladimir Putin met U.S. foreign secretary John Kerry for a meet and greet in Sotschi, Russia, where this picture was taken with the priceless grin on Putin's face, letting Kerry know : " See, Mr. Buckaroo, i got you by the balls, haven't i ? " No doubt Putin is intellectually head and shoulders above his foes, but caution is advised, because someone like Kerry shakes hands with the right and holds a baseball bat with the left behind his back. He might think: " Alright Wlad, after Syria and the Ukraine it is two zippo for you, but we meet again and will eventually pull you into the warfare,  we so disperately need. " Maybe the next act in the world theater takes place in Macedonia, where Russia builds the Turkish Stream pipeline much to the disdain of the Americans and political tensions are already growing after a pattern, we are all so familiar with.

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