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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Smart Meters - Paranoid Or Educated On The Topic ?

Recently a utility technician showed up and mumbled, that by executing a new law he had to install a smart meter, which is a device for measuring the consumption of power and without any authorization he proceeded. Now i wonder, what's next ? Do we have to exchange our TV-set with a Samsung flatscreen, capable of recording and forwarding any word spoken in a living room ? You got to be kiddin' me ... I have heard before that a smart meter too was created to function as a spying tool ( please check out Marc Elsberg's thriller " Blackout " ), but even worse is he is an enormous health hazard due to severe electro magnetic radiation. Sure enough it didn't take long to get fully aware of that, when after a closer inspection i received heart palpitation, felt pressure in my head and had a constant ringing in my ear, so i wasted no time to shield that sucker, although to be perfectly honest i had rather preferred to grab an axe and finnish that thing off. The plan is to equip every household with a smart meter and so it is easy to imagine the magnitude of electrosmog we are exposed to. We will marvel ( except the NWO folks ), where all the bees have gone along with the bats, why people in large numbers become unfertile or develop tumors due to a canged DNA. Dealing with esoterism is usually against my nature, until i discovered Schungit and Orgonit stones. Maybe it is hocus-pocus and folly to think they will mitigate the effects of radiation, however i will give them a try. Will the insanity ever end ? Certainly not in the Western community of values ... Brian Thiesen gave a great lecture of the subject, which can be seen here.  Other videos and webpages of interest

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