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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Corruption And Football

At the end of May seven FIFA ( World Football Association ) officials were arrested on behalf of U.S. authorities in Zurich on corruption charges. Now it is known all over the shop for many years, that the FIFA is highly corrupt and filled with shady characters, so what's behind it. My initial thought was a planned regime change by the Americans replacing boss Joseph Blatter with a puppet, whose first action will be to strip Russia of the World 2018 championships. Blatter himself however got of the hook and became reelected  only to declare his resignation shortly afterwards. Perhaps he became afraid of something we call here in the FRiG " verunfallt " or " geselbstmordet " meaning assassinated and make it look like an accident or suicide. A poll over the expulsion of Israel from all major tournaments for their aggression against Palestine could be another reason for the arrests and if so has been successful since the poll was cancelled. +++ This own goal was scored in the German Bundesleague on matchday 34 in a match between Hannover 96 and SC Freiburg. The defender in question is either the clumsiest player in the history of the game or this was the most blatant case of match fixing i ever whitnessed - i opt for the second choice. This was only one of many occasions, when i scratched my chin over other own goals, peculiar referee decisions and defender not taking part to prevent a goal during the last matchdays and it seems there was a general agreement, that Paderborn and Freiburg should be relegated, because these are the least commercially attractive clubs methinks. Paderborn lost at Schalke 04 by an own goal despite being the stronger team and after the season, surprise, surprise, Paderborn coach Breitenreiter jumped ship to Schalke. Of course i cannot provide any proof, just implications, but this looks fishy all the way. Personally i will keep following football and place a bet once in a while, but swore already many years ago i will never ever directly support it with a single Euro not to mention going to the stadium to join flocks of idiots and listen to their monotonous chants.

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