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Friday, June 26, 2015

Cuba Revisited

After two years i decided to visit Cuba once again before the American invasion sets in, because having a drink in a bar next to a noisy American snitch is nothing i appreciate. Didn't take long until the first bummer appeared and no, it's not the selfie-stick i forgot at home, in fact i don't own one, but the seats installed in the "Air France"- Boeing aircraft. For nearly ten hours i was sitting instead of a cosy cushion on a piece of plywood with a thin layer of foam and fabric causing my butt to hurt for two days afterwards - shocking! Upon arrival in Havana as usual i checked in the " Lido "- hotel conveniently located in the city center. The rates are reasonable and the rooms are nice and safe. Since i was open-minded towards the people and speak their language it didn't take long to get in touch with locals. I shared many beers and delved into the sweaty night life with them, even spent a night with some blacks playing dominoes, drinking and smoking, however over time i grew a little angry over the impertinent attitude a few developed. I felt more than once to be pretty generous, when folks asked for more and so i decided to stay mostly on my own. Also i went again to the " cooperativa " from the Patargas factory to buy some cigars and guess what, they sold me faked Cohiba's, leaving me gobsmacked. I am just trying to resell a box on Ebay, which can be found here. Other events of note were my birthday party on the Malecon and the valuable Cohiba Esplendido cigar an elderly gentleman gave to me and which i will smoke next week at the races. A hooker i met on the street late at night was less polite. She came alongside and nestled her bum in my abdomen, while twiddling with my trousers zipper. I told her to stop that and let me go when suddenly she reached in my pocket and made off with my wallet. I went after her in hot pursuit, when she disappeared in a huge pitch black house. I then noticed i pulled a harmstring and could not follow her any longer accepting the loss of one peso fifty and a stack of business cards she won't have much use for. These girls are really something to be aware of. So you see Havana can really be a mixed bag with events changing thick and fast. I was there now for the third time now and feel that will do.

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