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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Me, The Conspiracy Theorist

" Germanwings co-pilot Andreas L. was afraid of losing his eyesight and took severe
  medication ... "
This was a brief notice read out by a blonde CNN presstitute when i have been in
Cuba last June. So even nearly three months after the crash they kept throwing crap
at him, who can't defend himself anymore. It seems, any time, when more and more 
people think outside the box and question the official statement they come up with 
additional accusations to reinforce and defend the initial claim against conspiracy 
theorists - a term onced coined by the CIA in context with the JFK assassination to 
ridicule and silence any doubters of the lone gunman theory.
Whoever rules the world, wether the Illuminati, Jesuits, Freemasons or whatever 
these knuckleheads call themselves, they have made sure every important position in 
politics and the mainstream media is occupied with a loyal and corrupt person, foll-
owing their orders. So if they want to spread the great CO2 swindle they simply fab-
ricate an image with an polar bear floating on an ice sheet and spread that image 
around the world through the major newspapers and TV-stations they own.
Folks wake up about the danger of flouride in water and toothpaste, when all of a 
sudden interviews with dentists appear telling us about the benefits of flouride for the
dental enamel. More and more parents understand, that it is perhaps not such a good
idea to administer a dozen or so vaccines to a newborn, turning him as a physical and
mental wreck into a money spinner for the pharma industry, who answers with large
scale propaganda promoting the benefits of vaccines.
In this context i want to mention chancellora Angela Merkel for a final time this year.
She is a perfect lackey for the system and i don't even bother to listen, when she
speaks knowing she is a straightfaced liar and obedient tool of sinnister powers -
at times demonstrated by her robot like remote controlled behaviour. Sometimes
people wonder about her hands formed to a triangle above the button of her jacket.
Of course she illustrates Lucifers' all-seeing eye, which is an occultist symbol, and
clarifies, where she is coming from. Though she is not alone, for instance many of the
most powerful people ( former chancellor Schmidt being one of them ) meet annually
at the Bohemian Grove to worship to a giant wooden owl and conduct other rather
peculiar rituals. So it is fair to say, that those, who rule politics and the mainstream
media are mentally not sane in most cases and the choice for us is there.
Do we remain sheeple accepting being manipulated left, right and center or do we be-
come conspiracy theorists trying to make life for the before mentioned a little harder ?

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