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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Terrorist Attacks In Paris

Prelude: The military-industrial complex  in the U.S.A. demands orders and to get
them an enemy is required. Is there for once no one available the C.I.A. goes to
work and creates one as they did with AQ functioning as a scapegoat after the
9/11  attacks or more contemporary the IS, who practically arrived at the scene
overnight sporting brand new Toyota pick-up trucks and weaponry. Meanwhile
the U.S. Airforce flew thousands of airstrikes allegedly to annihilate them, but left
them mostly unscathed, so they are able to execute their main task ousting Syrian
president al-Assad, who still refuses to hand over his central bank to Rothschild.
So every time a rocket plows into the Syrian desert some fat cats rub their hands
as they did during the Vietnam war, when 400000 $ were spent to kill a Vietcong,
but that is another story.
Then the attacks happened last Friday in Paris claiming the lifes of many innocent
people and I am still trying to get to grips with why that happened. Is the IS now
biting the western hand, which feeds them or do we look at another false flag attack ?
The trademark left behind passport and the killed assassins with the exception
of one , who were (deliberately ?) got off the hook to avoid inconvenient questions
are pointers in that direction. Also that the Bataclan ballroom, where the majority
of the victims were killed, was sold prior to the attacks by the Jewish owners
raises eyebrows.
The exodus of refugees and intruders into Europe began shortly after the Bilder-
berger meeting held in June. Their plan is, what the free masons call " Ordo ab
chao ", meaning to introduce a new order after Europe was ushered into a com-
lete status of chaos and anxiety through the human invasion and terrorist attacks.
So you see, the completely degenerated Western world of values leaves plenty of
room for interpretations. The biggest lunatics might be gun slewing Islamists, how-
ever the most dangerous terrorists are white and wear a necktie.

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